Wednesday…with pebbles

January 21, 2015

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I have a pretty small house which always benefits from doors being open; it kind of gives me more of a sense of space…

I like keeping the open with unusual objects rather than a normal old door stop…

I also am someone who develops piles of paper; receipts, bills, cards etc, so it’s useful to have something practical to keep them all together in their tatty piles!

Hence these paperweights and doorstops…

I always have loads of vintage map scraps, as I make lampshades ( some will be coming soon to my etsy shop again )  and I find it difficult to simply throw them away…


I also find it hard not to bring pebbles back from the beach, but they often dry out and become less exciting than when I’d first spotted them…


I also rather feel for those pebbles that don’t get chosen…and it’s these pebbles I use, and even choose for a make-over!

image image image image image image It’s basically like wrapping an odd shaped present, but instead of using tape, you use lots of pva glue, and keep snipping away at bits you don’t need ( the less paper the better ); smoothing the glue and paper all the time with your your hands ( you have to be prepared to get messy! )image image This one is a new door stop…image image image image imageand this is a pebble I used to live on…imageand this is a paperweight to help me with my tax!

( You can see my Steller version here )

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