Wednesday…with an arrangement and the Garden

September 2, 2015

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imagePrompted by the change of season over the last week, I wanted to create a picture for the Autumn workshop which I’m hosting with Anna ( @swallowsanddamsons ) in Sheffield on the 17th October…I’m so looking forward to it as I think it will probably feel like we’ll not only be working in a room full of Autumn with beautiful, flowers, foliage, fruit, veg and colours, but hopefully we’ll feel like we’re being part of the season too…a mellow blending of the senses with photography, arranging and food, just before the harsh snap of Winter appears.

The garden here is still looking lush, and there was beautiful calming, morning Autumnal light today…
image I love the colours in the garden at the moment, which inspired today’s composition although I wasn’t anticipating that it would turn out as bright as it did…image image image image ( the hydrangea petals were the starting point today… )image image image image image image …I love the patterns the early morning rain had made on the sage leaves…image …and the blending of colour at the bottom of the gardenimage image the echium seedlings are doing well too, despite a caterpillar attack ( you can see what they looked like in May here )image and a yellow flower from my Mum’s garden back in June has begun to sprout and root in a jam jar of rain water…image I also brought these little rogue seedlings back from Cornwall as I’m hoping to plant them on…image …and some hollyhock seeds which I’d given up on have sprouted in the bicycle basket!imageimage image…and the first massive spider of the season is making itself at home

So it was berries and colour I wanted to work with today…before I got dressed!image imageI couldn’t quite find the right place in the arrangement for the beautiful marrow  which Emma ( from @sewrecycled ) gave me from her allotment last night…but also couldn’t quite ignore it! imageimageimageimage( if you’d like to read more about my latest workshop there’s a lovely piece about it on Sara-Jayne’s blog Keep Up With The Jones Family here with loads of really lovely images, as well as on my Workshps page here…and please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have )

4 thoughts on “Wednesday…with an arrangement and the Garden

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you Dagmar! What a shame Sheffield isn’t an easy train ride from Canada! So pleased you enjoy the arrangements so much x P

  1. Lucys Cottage

    Hello ! I have recently started following your blog and I love seeing all your posts and wonderful photos. We have a wonderful wooden table which I would like to use more for photography but our little cottage is so dark, I find I have to take most photos outside in natural light. And unfortunately the table is too big to travel with me ! I need to try and find some more portable backgrounds. I live in North Yorkshire so maybe one day I’ll make it to one of your workshops in Sheffield – it’s not a million miles away ! Best wishes, Fiona

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much!! I’m so pleased that you enjoy them so much. My table has had many places around the room and it was quite by accident that it found its magic setting! The Sheffield workshop is a bit of a one off unfortunately, as I’m based in Brighton and most of my work is here or London. What a shame…would have been so nice to meet and chat! 🙂

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