Tuesday…with pyjama gardening

June 23, 2015

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It’s a wonderful thing when the garden starts going into full flower…

Only a few plants are now left on my kitchen shelf…imagemost of the geraniums have successfully re-located for the Summer in amongst everything else…image image image image So happy that the Pinks are thriving this year because they smell amazing…image ( although my Nigella seedlings have been disrupted by my cat, so sticks and other vertical things are trying to divert him! )image image image I love pyjama gardening and this morning I wanted to pot some tiny succulents which I’ve been air rooting over the last few weeks…image image It’s astonishing how they just spring roots out of nowhere…image image …and this was an experiment which worked!

I was told that succulents will grow from a ‘leaf’ as long as there is a small part of the stem attached, and sure enough this has happened…it’s a bit weird but I’m going with it, and haven’t potted it up as I want to see how it carries on growing from this…image imageThese are the succulents I planted which looked like this last year… ( and there’s also another post from last year with loads of Cornish succulents here )image I’ve also been rooting a cutting from a pineapple sage a friend gave us for the garden in Cornwall, and it rooted really quickly so that was put in a pot this morning too…and it really does smell like pineapple!image

And the Jasmine and blue Hydrangea are in recovery at the moment, but doing well..image as are the echium seedlings…image I love being able to have an early morning potter in the garden and also be able to add a little something to the shed!image

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