Thursday…with a different sort of floral crown!

October 1, 2015

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image During the Summer I went to a wedding and although I had a new dress I didn’t have a hat or headpiece which went with it, so I decided to make my own.

I’m a bit obsessed with propagating succulents at the moment as they root SO easily, and it sort of becomes addictive.

I knew if I made a fascinator with succulents, they wouldn’t be wasted as I could come home and re pot them…

This week I bought a tray of mini succulents, loads of which I haven’t got, and which I wanted to wear!image image image I started to grow these in August…imageand this one is still looking healthy ( think the snails got the others…)
image I planted this sprouting leaf in August too…image which currently looks like this!image imagemore babies from the mother…

imageimage air rooting…image air rooting and air sprouting…imagesprouting…imageand what eventually happens to the life-giving leaf…imageSedums are similar too and basically do the same thing…imageimage even if you think they’ve had it, check the stems carefully…and then plant them in the groundimage ( ready to root in water after I’ve worn them on my head! )image image So, for a fascinator you’re going to wear all day and/or evening , it’s best to choose plants which will last for ages without drooping, which means succulents, sedums, lavendar, pinks and wax flowers work perfectly.

I took pictures of the fascinators I made for the July wedding ( I wore the one below in the end ) and I re-dressed them with new plants…IMG_1508 (1) IMG_1498 ( the corylus is the trickiest thing to secure but will form the basis of the composition )image I wound dried quaking grass round a circle of wire too…IMG_1512 I didn’t wear this one…IMG_1499 but I re-potted it and it currently looks like this…image …and with babies from the other oneimage So… ‘ingredients’image positioning…image cleaning…image image image binding ( with the roots attached )…image image tidying and snipping..image and moving on to the second one…image image image …the wearingimage image image …and, of course, the re-potting!image

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