Sunday…with flower heads

January 4, 2015

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image When I came back from Cornwall yesterday, I knew that virtually all my Christmas flowers would be past it, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away before I left when they were all still thriving, albeit in the last stages of flowering…

imageSo yesterday I was amazed that the ranunculus had stayed in shape and appeared, on the surface, to be still happy…

but the yellowing stems and dried petals showed up the ghosts of blooms, so I decided to make something very unpractical…but pretty!image imageI saved a glass-full, as there were a few little buds and one flower which seemed to still have life in the stem as well…

…and then I organised the colours; my paletteimage image image image image image I added some mistletoe which has gone all crunchy, but which still is an amazing green, and also some yellow Billy Balls and crumpled, dried up Ilex berries I’ve been hanging onto. The purple daisy travelled 8 hours in tupperware from Cornwall yesterday and the African Violet was pinched from my indoor plant…image image image I can’t bear to throw these flowers away even now ( although the stinky stems have gone already )…a black bin liner seems so undignified at this point, so presently they’re sitting on a wooden tray in my cold shed, where I can look at them until they’re well and truly ready for the winds…imageI love utilising things you perhaps think have had their day, so my New Year’s resolution is probably to look harder at what’s not there.

Happy New Year! x

( you can also have a look at my Steller version here )



3 thoughts on “Sunday…with flower heads

  1. dawn

    WOW WOW WOW!! These are breathtaking, so glad you kept them and played with them and SHARED them with us. I too like to keep my flowers and even stems till they really are gone. I’ve learned to hold on to them and treasure them since making mandalas with them. I love this so much, wish I could have been right there at the table playing and arranging and laughing with you. Thank you!

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I always hold on go ghings for just a little bit too long…but i havd to wait until i know i’ve enjoyed them to their very ends! 😉

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