Saturday…with frost and a colour equation

January 17, 2015

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imageSurely there must be visual maths… this is a question that’s been hanging around my head for a while…

But before I go into my visual arithmetic ( which you can also see on my Steller account here today ), it was the crispy, sparkling garden which drew me outside at first this morning…image There was the first proper frost of the year in Brighton last night, and was a cold warning of things to come…image image I’ve got to get some protection for these Echiums this week before it’s too late!image image image imageThere really wasn’t much at all that was pickable…

So I thought I’d use some indoor colour…

Colour is an integral part of my day which has become increasingly apparent through my still life pictures.

I’ve always wished that my education had been more colour based:

I was appalling at maths, and part of the reason was the lack of colour. Being synaesthetic I’ve always had colours for numbers and letters and I’ve sort of worked out my own language of colour, but it’s a language that is not universal, and one I can’t even interpret into words…it’s more of a language of feeling something is right or wrong and expressing it in shape, angles, texture, and colours.

I once told my Dad that ‘4’ was brown; he looked bemused and almost annoyed and said “well, no wonder you can’t do maths”…apparently you don’t need colours to do maths…image But I have my own maths which lets me work out aesthetics…complex colour equations:

Add and subtract texture and form to the power of light… image multiply by red…image divide by yellow…imageviolet reduced by minus 2…
image subtract 360 degrees blue…image times by green…image indigo to the power of 3…image=

this + tea + life
image(…remainder 3 )!

You can see more of my synaesthetic art work on my website 

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