Saturday…with a Cornish catch-up

April 11, 2015

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IMG_3590 There’s something so lovely about Spring in Cornwall, so I thought I’d share a little reflection from our Easter holiday last week…IMG_3589We hired bikes and my son and I went biking around the country lanes and I just couldn’t get over the joy of coming across fields of daffodilsIMG_3516 IMG_3518 they just really make you want to be right in the middle of them!IMG_3519 IMG_3506 IMG_3517 IMG_3512 I didn’t pick any from the fields, but I did find some unfortunate beheadings which I thought I could save…IMG_3530 …and I collected a few daisies, buttercups and blue periwinkle from the verges to make them feel at home, along with wild garlic ( or rather three cornered leek! ) from the garden…IMG_3553 IMG_3325We took a trip to Mousehole on one of our days to meet some friends, passing the beautiful marshes at Marazion on the way…
IMG_3024 …and the sea at Newlyn.

However en route a tiny dog ran out in front of me and having to break way to quickly I ended up flying over the handlebars!!

Luckily I was only bruised ( thank goodness for a light bike! )…but a cup of tea and cake in Mousehole at The Rockpool Cafe certainly was an effective revival remedy…IMG_3571 IMG_3569 …and of course everywhere in West Cornwall is adorned with local daffs at the moment…IMG_3568 I took these next few photos a couple of weeks ago when I popped down for a weekend…and this field was so uplifting after over 7 hours in the car!IMG_3016 IMG_3014 IMG_3012 IMG_3017 IMG_3006 IMG_3020 IMG_3013 IMG_3019So I’ve decided that Spring in Cornwall is not just lovely…but completely rejuvenating!

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  1. Leena

    You have managed to brighten up my day from all the way on the other side of the world 🙂 Thank you so much, your work is inspirational! Sorry to hear about the wee dog-bicycle incident, but glad to hear there was tea and cake on the other side of it. Best wishes from New Zealand!

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