Monday…with Rainbow Canvas Beauty

November 17, 2014

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For my last post in collaboration with Australian based Canvas Beauty, I thought I would use a multi-coloured theme to incorporate some of the shots I created with rainbow tones…
Over the past 3 weeks I’ve posted about the pink, yellow and purple compositions which I put together, and here are some of the final rainbow photos…
I’m always inspired by nature and am always amazed how many fantastic colours grow side by side or close by…

These were such thoroughly enjoyable shoots to work on over the summer and I’m really pleased to have shared them over the last few weeks.

Canvas Beauty pride themselves on their products which are full of wonderful herbal extracts and unique essential oils harnessing natural power as well as a natural healing therapy.
Follow them on Instagram @canvasbeautyau and on Facebook where you can see more of my photos
* this is a sponsored post 

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