Monday…( with a massive catch up! )

March 9, 2015

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image I have been trying to cram a ridiculous amount into the last week and a half, and still seem to be in the midst of multi-tasking out of my comfort zone…

My bike ride this morning was a calm one…I just wanted to be outside and look around without my head being rammed full of lists and I sort of found some visual Spring music…
image image image image image Saturday was a really beautiful Spring day, and it was the first time this year that I saw loads of blossom…image image image image image …bulging sticky budsimage…and magnolias.

I’d spent most of last week unexpectedly painting, in a way which almost seemed to be anticipating Spring and in a new style for some reason ( my more usual work is here )red and white branchforget me no close upimage image image image image I had a brief sojourn on Thursday as it was my birthday the next day, and my mum took me out for lunch…

image I wore my best shoes, took my new bag…and caught the wrong train home!

image…when I’m in a painting zone, everything else is very hard to concentrate on…image ( these two were inspired by the wonderful K @kbasta )image Bike riding just about stayed in the weekly mix, and Wednesday provided a really lovely morning ride…and a blue tit!image image image Cow parsley ( with itself )imageThis was the first of my plant based sketches last week inspired by an esoteric chat with my friend Louisa about her inner colours and the colour of 8…it seems like I started in Winter and ended up in Spring, like the week itself…image I also started work on a new project which involves me painting the tastes of a selection of teas from Postcard Teas in London…and the taste of this Oolong basically set me off on circles and plants for the rest of the week…( the tea paintings had to wait! )image Also I re-stocked my etsy shop the previous Saturday which always takes so much longer than I ever think it will…image image …and then I had to wrap the orders ( another thing I always under-budget with time! )image…and finally, a lovely piece in a great local magazine was published last week which was a real treat!


P.S If you’re interested in buying any of the paintings you’ve seen in this post or here please e-mail me

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