Monday…with a bird’s nest

March 30, 2015

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image I’m currently working on a project which involves making lots of bird’s nests, so I thought I’d share the process…image Basically you make quite a rough wire frame out of a few circles of wire which are each smaller than the next…image You loosly connect them together with more wire to make a sort of bowl shaped frame…image …then you work bits and pieces which you’ve collected into and around the frame…old grass and straw is goodimage Once you’ve got quite a bit around the sides you can add from the inside too, to create a soft lining…image image I also gave it a bit of a haircut in places…image image Once you’ve got a good shape and it’s quite robust, you can add a few other bits and pieces like twigs and dried seed heads…image image…and then finding a nice branch kind of sets it off and makes it look a bit more real!

There’s also a Steller Story version here: Nesting diy

2 thoughts on “Monday…with a bird’s nest

  1. Emma

    Oh. You’ve just given me another project path to follow with my girls this week. As a jewellery-maker I have more wire than is quite seemly and there’s a wood behind our cottage. I’m thrilled at the thought. Thankyou! Emma

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      That’s so good to hear! Making a nest is very satisfying and also kind of makes you feel a bit stupid for needing wire when birds only have beaks!! 😉

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