Wednesday…Workshop catch up

November 19, 2014

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About a week and a half ago I ran my first 5ftinf still life workshop in Brighton in a fantastically old fashioned church hall which came complete with Beryl and Iris Woodsware tea cups…


imageIt was a mobile photographic workshop where I wanted to be able to share flowers, props, tips, tricks, tables…


imageimageand tea!

…very generously supplied to us by Ahmad Tea, which meant there was a steady flow throughout the day!

I’d made pumpkin soup for lunch …

imageimage…and we were able to use beautiful ceramics supplied by Holly Bell


It was a day which allowed everyone to choose their own table, gather their own bits and pieces from a lunchtime walk and play with my own props and flowers…but with more of a sense of detailed looking…

imageIn the morning we all took a very small stem or leaf, and I tried to get everyone to look at it in more detail than they’d ever felt they’d done before; the veins, the seeds, the numbers of stems and spikes…as many different tiny details as possible, and then document it, rather like a digital flower pressing.


image image

imageAfter lunch everyone was able to play with the things they had found on the tables, collected from our walk, and also picked from the flowers I had brought along, and I was on hand for anyone who wanted it, particularly with composition, editing and colour co-ordination…

Photo 08-11-2014 14 38 01

image image image image image
Photo 08-11-2014 15 24 39


It was such an enjoyable and calming day; just taking the time to really look and gently play with flowers…I was also helped enormously by Holly Bell who constantly kept the kettle on and  and Bethany Crowe, who took a lot of these photographs throughout the day.

I’ll keep you posted for the next ones planned for 2015…

3 thoughts on “Wednesday…Workshop catch up

  1. Steffi

    This looks so great!! Could you please come to Vienna too and host such a workshop there? I would DEFINITELY join in!! 🙂

    Have a great day,

  2. Kelly

    Found your site via Lucy of Attic24 and fell in love with your colorways and natural approach to the precious bits of the natural world. This workshop sounds wonderful; just wish there was something similar here in the States! Kelly for Connecticut

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