Wednesday…with wilting roses

September 16, 2015

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Photo 16-09-2015 16 48 24 I bought some beautiful David Austin roses at the weekend but inevitably by this morning their heads had wilted…

So I thought I’d share my simple tip which gets them back on track…

Photo 16-09-2015 10 00 59firstly I took all their leaves off and filled a bowl of cold water…Photo 16-09-2015 10 02 07 and made sure I snipped the stems under water..Photo 16-09-2015 10 02 48 then the best bit is sticking a pin through their drooping necks…Photo 16-09-2015 10 04 13 Photo 16-09-2015 10 05 35 this is how they looked at 10am this morning…Photo 16-09-2015 10 05 55 and this is how they looked at 4pm this afternoon!Photo 16-09-2015 16 30 01 Photo 16-09-2015 16 50 57

2 thoughts on “Wednesday…with wilting roses

  1. Andria Barrios

    Those roses are beautiful! Good thing you saved them… I hate it when new flowers wilt within the first few hours. So I’ll have to remember this tip!

    By the way, your fireplace is adorable (I want it). And I love that set of pitchers on your mantel. They look like Anthropologie!

    Thanks for the read!

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