Wednesday…with better light!

November 5, 2014

Filed Under : Autumn

imageAfter my green attempt in the near dark yesterday at only 3:30pm, I had a more satisfying arrange this lunchtime in a much brighter Brighton…

The garden looks so green at the moment, particularly with the twiggy Virginia Creeper backdrop, and I’m enjoying noticing all the seasonal subtle changes of light…

imageimageThe vessels…imageThe plants…imageThe bits…image( the outcasts… )imageThe arrangement…

6 thoughts on “Wednesday…with better light!

  1. kazzy

    just beautiful the greens, that colour combination is just perfect in my eyes… i have a clear table today~ its quite shocking~ i am going to fill it with arty stuff and do my nieces a christmas illustration 😉

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Ooh that sound a great idea…I love green too, and although I love flowers, it’s great during these months to seek out the greens 😉

  2. Kate

    Just wandered over from Lucy’s blog(Attic Window) where she was talking about your talent for making art out of flora and just want to say you have an amazing eye. Makes me look at my outdoor surroundings very differently. Are all those different leaves, nuts and berries from your garden?

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I’m so pleased…outdoors is so inspiring for colour, shape, texture, smell…basically everything to do with living! All the greens are from my garden, the peeping snowberries are from my mum’s garden…and I bought the olives ( because I can’t stop eating them! ) 😉

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