Wednesday…with being outside

January 13, 2016

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Photo 13-01-2016, 16 36 53It’s been so wet and rainy recently that even though the temperature has dropped massively this week, the fact that the sun has appeared makes cycling into the countryside as well as venturing into the garden a real possibility!Photo 13-01-2016, 08 45 44

Today I decided to pot up loads of baby succulents, because an experiment last Summer when I potted 3 small succulents in a large pot led to 3 huge ones, so I want to see what happens to these…plus the fact I’m sort of obsessed/addicted to propagating succulents as it basically involves sticking a ‘leaf’ on a window sill and waiting for roots to appear!

Photo 13-01-2016, 09 22 02 As you can see, there was a lot of tidying of stuff that had to be done today too…Photo 13-01-2016, 09 22 29 It was so cold whilst potting that a coffee acted as a hand hot water bottle…Photo 13-01-2016, 09 22 41 Photo 13-01-2016, 09 26 25 Photo 13-01-2016, 09 47 29 Photo 13-01-2016, 10 07 19 I also started a bit of a clear up in my shed and the moment the lower shelf was cleared Cheeks came in and found the sun spot…it’s like he can sense a sun spot even when he’s hiding his face in his cardboard box!Photo 13-01-2016, 10 48 10 …and after the succulents I started a garden tidy. It’s looking really washed out at the moment so I was determined to find the colour…

The cranberries are left from Christmas, as are the rose hips and orange ilex, the blue hydrangea petals and orange physalis are saved from the Autumn, and the blueberries are from my lunch…but the other bits are from my garden even the calendula and field scabious…

its definitely important to me to search for Spring in the middle of January…Photo 13-01-2016, 16 41 35

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    Just stopping by to say how much I love your photos and blog! Your pictures brighten up my Instagram feed every day, and I’m so happy to have come across your fantastic blog.

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