Wednesday…( with a tip )

December 3, 2014

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image It may seem like I’m forever pulling flowers apart and carelessly chucking bits and bobs around the table, but I’m actually a complete re-user if there is anything to be saved or salvaged for another arrangement…

So I thought I share one of my favourite tips from the table…

imageWhen I’m clearing up, before the dustpan and brush comes out, I carefully sort through to find some keepsies…image When I’ve cut off the heads of flowers, or even if they’ve wilted near the top and their heads are still blooming, I carefully place them in a tupperware tub…image The berries and hips get sorted into a bowl…image …or basketimage and then I spritz the flower heads with water, squeeze the lid on tightly and put them in the fridge…

Some of these ranunculus and paper whites were already a week old when I made this particular arrangement and they’re in the fridge as I write this waiting for another outing!image ( that yellow rose bud in there is about 3 weeks old! )imageimageI bought a massive bunch of these flowers 3 weeks ago, and although I didn’t keep them in the fridge I did keep some ‘stock’ in the garden and the shed, where it kept them cold…so being placed against my painting ‘Warming Light’ seemed sort of appropriate today!

( P.S there’s a small Winter Sale of some of my paintings at the moment…this one included )

3 thoughts on “Wednesday…( with a tip )

  1. dawn

    Thank you so much for this post!! I never thought to spritz them with water, know I can do this too. I am very careful when going through my goodies too and find a few that really make me happy. I have my acorns in a little vase on the kitchen ledge and it makes me smile just seeing them there. I’ve kept plenty of leaves and love reusing them in my mandalas.
    Thanks again for these tips.

  2. Emma

    Great tip! I love the painting too. You’ve just reminded me of the shed photos I took at the weekend. Hope the Open House went well x

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