Tuesday…with Winter Ikebana

November 11, 2014

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imageThere’s something incredibly calming about arranging flowers, and for me I particularly enjoy using the simplicity of the the natural flow of leaves and branches…

I’m always so inspired by the Japanese Ikebana style, and as I have so many of my late Grandmother’s ikebana vases and books, I love to use them…even though Beryl herself would probably disapprove of my loose use of the Ikebana rules…Photo 10-11-2014 15 36 46After the 5ftinf workshop at the weekend, I had lots of bits and pieces left…scraggy twigs and short berry stems, but as I hate throwing even those little bits away, a block of oasis is always brilliant for helping odds and ends find an aesthetically pleasing home…


Ikebana vessels can often seem slightly strange without flowers, which is why I find them so magical…

imageimage…even one or two stems seem to instantly transform them…which is what is so clever about their designs; they lend themselves to nature, rather than impose themselvesimageimage( Cheeks wouldn’t budge from here at this point! )imageI love using height and flow in my arrangements and these lichen covered twigs worked perfectly…imageThere’s a slight difference between the arrangement at the top of the post and this one, and to be honest I couldn’t quite choose which I liked more…but I did just find those flowing twigs too irresistable!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday…with Winter Ikebana

  1. confitures

    hello ! as usual it’s a pleasure to visit your blog and to see your pictures/arrangements 🙂
    How can I found out about your workshops dates so I can arrange to come to Brighton, visit my daughter and participate to your workshop ??
    I will bring you some jams from Switzerland 🙂
    Merci !

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