Tuesday…with morning inspiration on my bike

September 20, 2016

Filed Under : Arrangements - Autumn - cycling - texture

photo-20-09-2016-08-22-00 Today started off with the beauty of borlotti beans, which then moved on to greenhouse textures, conkers and crispy leaves on a bike ride…it’s always the things I don’t expect which inspire me so these are some photos of the thought process of today’s composition!photo-20-09-2016-14-16-17 photo-20-09-2016-14-16-50 photo-20-09-2016-09-49-01 photo-20-09-2016-10-00-11 photo-20-09-2016-09-57-56 photo-20-09-2016-10-00-59 photo-20-09-2016-10-03-31 photo-20-09-2016-09-58-14 photo-20-09-2016-10-02-23 photo-20-09-2016-10-02-50 photo-20-09-2016-10-08-16 photo-20-09-2016-10-12-57 photo-20-09-2016-10-09-24photo-20-09-2016-10-17-03 photo-20-09-2016-10-34-21 photo-20-09-2016-14-27-25 photo-20-09-2016-13-28-51 photo-20-09-2016-13-17-23 photo-20-09-2016-13-29-01 photo-20-09-2016-13-28-47 photo-20-09-2016-13-28-25See the version of this post with a moving still on Steller here