Tuesday…with Ginkgo and Postcard Teas

December 2, 2014

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imageIt’s all been a bit crazy over the last few months with my ‘Sea Marks’ exhibition, workshop and the Open House , but now that exhibitions are all over for this year, I am really excited about working on a new art project with London based Postcard Teas, who produce the most amazing small batch teas, whose flavours I will be painting impressions of…

I can’t wait to get into the studio in the next few months, make lots of tea and paint using my synaesthesia

image On my bike ride yesterday this ginkgo biloba tree inspired the day’s composition…. I’m always fascinated by it’s pre-historic leaves as well as it’s properties ( ginko completely cleared up my son’s hay fever when he was little! )image imageimage There’s something about colour which completely draws me in; it just happens that some days it’s yellow, and others it may be red, orange or blue etc…image Colours and shapes feel like the components of sound…image ( If music had been written like this I’d have been very happy…not particularly accurate I guess, but happy! )image image Putting a table composition together is like putting a type of piece of visual music together…image image…and adding tea with delicate flavours adds an extra element which has flow, movement and humanity, and just makes everything feel calmer…imageSo, I’m sure you can see why I’m so chuffed to be working with such inspiring tea!

(…and you can also see the Steller Story version here )

One thought on “Tuesday…with Ginkgo and Postcard Teas

  1. dawn

    LOVE everything about this post!!! Oh how I wish you lived by me and could watch you put these together, so inspiring and beautiful! Congrats on the new project, can’t wait to see more.

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