Tuesday…after the tree has gone

January 6, 2015

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image It always feels a bit melancholic taking the Christmas tree down…this year my son took control of the design, and although I’d have probably gone for less tinsel I actually really loved it!

Glass baubles have always been a bit of a thing for us, as each year we choose a new decoration, partly because when he was born ( a month before Christmas ) a friend gave him 3 baubles…image image…these are the 2 remaining ones from 2000!image image Last year we both opted for glass fungi…image I had a thing for birds a while back, and that fat robin was my Granny’s…image I used to be fixed to my sewing machine which produced these about 10 years ago…image …a reminder of working in a stock room where I became obsessed with these bellsimage glass droplets from my great grandmother’s chandelier…image a small miscellany of gifts…image ceramics made by my friend Holly Bell...imageChristmas robin gifts from Rebecca Bourne
image an irresistible Snork Maidenimage The Inf ( the real life one can be found here in the second question…)image My son’s choice…image This year’s choice…

imageAnd a present from my Mum this year too, by designer Robert Welchimage …and the crowning glory ( which sat at a jaunty angle beneath the petticoats of the Inf )image …and now the tree; de-frocked and cast outimagebut, as ever leaving it’s mark…for the hoover!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday…after the tree has gone

  1. Kim B.

    oh this was such a lovely piece! I loved hearing the stories of your ornaments, and the photographs as usual are stunning in their own right. It’s a lovely tradition you’ve made for your son. And as a relatively new reader, I was so happy to get the link to find out about what 5ftinf means!!

    Happy New Year to you, all the best to you and your loved ones.

  2. dawn

    Hello, I loved reading this post, so sweet and full of happy memories. I too like to change up the tree and ornaments some years. Most years I put up two trees, would have more if I had the room, I love them so much. The last two years I’m actually happy with just white lights on them for a week before the kids nag me to let them decorate it,lol.
    Your ornaments and goodies are gorgeous, have never seen anything like them here so a nice surprise for me. Thank you for making this such a lovely post for us to read. Tell your son he did a good job!
    I usually see your IG posts but am on a break from IG for right now. It’s driving me crazy not seeing your posts, they always make me happy. So just know that I haven’t left, just on a break.
    Happy New Year, looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year to dazzle us with! xo

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