Thursday…with Petals and Texture

September 15, 2016

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photo-15-09-2016-14-06-39 I’m always inspired by textures, and love the juxtaposition of flowers against a naturally rough patina…most of the images are from today and the last week, although it prompted me to look back at, and include some others from over the last year…( aslo see if you can spot my Karl Blossfeldt inspired image )photo-15-09-2016-12-41-37 photo-10-09-2016-14-09-00 photo-15-09-2016-12-52-54 photo-13-09-2016-22-13-12 photo-12-09-2016-08-11-01 photo-10-09-2016-16-10-21-1 photo-10-09-2016-10-31-14 img_1466 photo-10-09-2016-16-10-41 photo-10-09-2016-16-13-08 photo-15-09-2016-12-41-49 img_1092 img_3769 photo-10-09-2016-14-31-25 photo-10-09-2016-14-19-57 photo-10-09-2016-14-10-32 img_5279 photo-10-09-2016-16-03-08 photo-10-09-2016-14-31-38 photo-10-09-2016-16-13-35 img_2757 img_9455 img_9415 img_2733 img_2730 img_4145 img_9460 photo-11-09-2016-09-20-59 photo-08-09-2016-20-42-16 photo-10-09-2016-15-03-05 img_9568 photo-10-09-2016-19-15-58img_2745

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