Thursday…Table Tips and giveaway!

October 30, 2014

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Photo 30-10-2014 08 12 24

So, as this is my first official blog post from 5ftinf’s new home, I thought I’d make it colourful!

It’s taken a lot of work and a massive leap of faith to get it here, and I will probably carry on tweaking a few things as I get used to working with it…I was helped out enormously by Emma from A Quiet Style blog, who lives in Brighton, and offered to come over last week and show me the basics, which was invaluable.

It feels a bit like I’ve just moved house, had the decorators in, and now have to work out how to live in the place…whilst slightly hankering back to the old blog… but I think that’s probably all part and parcel of change…

So, onto the post itself…

I went to visit my Mum this week, partly to collect a load of fantastic garden stuff in anticipation of my 5ftinf Workshop at the end of next week…I was amazed at how beautiful it was all looking ( …there’ll be a post with those pictures tomorrow ) and I came away with some beautiful things…particularly the moss!

Photo 30-10-2014 08 14 50

…but to create today’s Autumnal rainbow I first arranged groups of coloursPhoto 30-10-2014 07 56 53

Photo 30-10-2014 07 57 50

Photo 30-10-2014 07 52 44Photo 30-10-2014 07 59 16

Photo 30-10-2014 08 00 27

Photo 30-10-2014 08 00 55

Photo 30-10-2014 07 55 09…and then I started to ease the colours together Photo 30-10-2014 08 02 43

…and use a bit of purple punctuationPhoto 30-10-2014 08 05 42

I always start with the colours in a more independent way, and then try and balance the whole composition making slight adjustments, which is why I felt the large orange leaf was needed on the left ( its a Crimson Glory leaf ) as well as the hints of white, but I also kind of crave circles, hence the old weight, larch cones, crab apples red-currants, and tea cup…even if the tea has been drunk by the time I’m finished!Photo 30-10-2014 08 11 07

Aside from the colour fest today, I also thought it would be a good day to offer a giveaway…so there are 3 ways you can enter:

1. you can simply leave a comment at the end of this post saying what your favourite colour, season and type of tea is…

2. you can like the 5ftinf Facebook Page and leave a comment ( so that I know who you are )

3. you can follow me on Twitter and tweet this post ( again, so I know who you are )

…I’ll be doing a draw, in a rather old fashioned, long-handed way of putting all the names in a hat and drawing out a winner on the morning of Friday 7th November.

Photo 30-10-2014 08 47 03

I also just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has come over from the old blog a massively warm welcome to anyone new!

109 thoughts on “Thursday…Table Tips and giveaway!

  1. susan hall

    hello, congratulations on your new home and a lovely one it is too.
    nice to see a picture of yourself, you look lovely too ! and in a funny way you somehow look like your blog.
    dear me i am blethering on, but it IS all so pretty.
    my favourite colour of autumn is really all of the whole rosy golden lot of them, even the misty damp days have their mauves and greys to recommend them.

  2. Sarah Lundie

    I’m new to your blog and it has brightened my days. My favourite colour, given I live just along the coast from you, is the bluey silver colour the sea is at the end of a calm, sunny day, my favourite season has to be Spring and my current favourite tea is the Green Tea with Roasted Rice I picked up in Waitrose the other day – who’d have thought tea could taste like cereal?!

  3. Gillian

    Gorgeous. I love all of your work. My favorite color is green, season is autumn, and tea is plain old orange pekoe.

  4. Elizabeth Kaszynski

    Love this! Favorite color – blue, favorite season – Autumn, favorite tea – green 🙂

  5. Valentina

    Such a great colors I’m in love!
    A love middle seasons, it’s really hard decide between spring and autumn, maybe a little bit more Autumn, I love the warm sunny days where I can smell the winter and colors get warm all around; about the color… all the shades between light pink and orange, a sort of peach with a hit of pink and tea…well about this I’m sure 100%, chai tea for ever.
    Have a nice day, thanks for sharing your work.

  6. julia

    How lovely! Have been delighting on your ig for a while, flowers and paintings and I adore it!
    So my favorite colour is purple or mauve, though i revive with the spring i love the smell of autumn (“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” to quote Keats) and lately my fav tea is orange blossom.

  7. Heather Littlebearries

    My favorite color is Green, my favorite season is Fall (which is in direct contradiction with my favorite color, LOL) and my favorite tea, at the moment, is Tazo’s Sweet Cinnamon Spice… it’s caffeine free and delicious… which, being pregnant and not allowed my normal dosing of caffeine, I really appreciate XD

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      That sounds a very healthy alternative! When I was pregnant I actually went off tea for the first few months…I felt completely bereft! 🙂

  8. Jessica

    Congrats on your new shiny blog, it looks fab! I also enjoyed seeing your step by step. My favourite colour is purple, followed closely by teal. My favourite season is Autumn, definitely though spring is a close second. And my favourite tea is rose earl grey!

  9. Mavis

    I’ve been your Instagram follower for a while now and your posts are always a great inspiration to me. Thank you for brightening my days with those beautiful photos!
    My favorite season of the year is definitely spring and I love blush and mint tones! My all-time favorite tea is green tea!

  10. fraya

    Its difficult to pick a favourite colour but I’m always drawn to sea greens. My favourite season is late spring and I love Welsh Brew tea!

  11. Hannah

    Your work is beautiful and so exciting to have come across just recently. Great time of year to do so too: your brights punctuate the greys. Keep it up!

    Favourite colour of mine is yellow and the forms it takes in flowers. Season: American fall and tea: Yorkshire!

  12. Anna

    I’ve just recently discovered your beautiful work through Instagram!! Incredibly inspiring 🙂 My favorite color is probably green, season is autumn, and current tea of choice, is a lovely pumpkin spice rooibos my sister gave me! Perfect for this time of year!!

  13. Cristina

    My favourite colour…is three colours – pink, blue and purple:) at the moment purple seems to win among the three.
    My favourite season is Autum and my favourite tea is Earl Grey.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, I admire it and find it very inspiring!

  14. Cristine

    Hello, Philippa! It’s time to say hello though I followed up your old blog during last month. Thank you for wonderful and inspiring pictures and pieces of nature-art. Will follow your new blod and site with pleasure. Hope, this new home will be cosy and enchanted.
    It’s quite hard to chose favourite colour – colour of lavander or foggy ocean with pinch of wind or magic-green that can be found only in fairy-forest? As for season – I adore all of them, but most favourite are early autumn and february with its slow snowing that makes all trees wonderful. As for tea – any mix of herbs and flowers and even some berries (in fact tea without tea leves).
    Wish you a wonderful day,

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Hi Christine, it’s so nice to hear from a silent admirer!! Lavender and fog are a great match and I love snow too 🙂

  15. Faith T.

    I’m an Instagram follower, but love your new blog! I like every blue I’ve ever met, but have yet to find a way to incorporate it well into my favorite season, autumn. The tea I always fall back on is any mint fresh from the garden, piping hot with no sweetener.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Oh, that’s great to hear!Blue’s are tricky in autumn, but I find some succulents and conifers sort of do the trick…as does a blue cup ;P

  16. Julia

    Gorgeous post, looking forward to the workshop next week! And as I’m here my favourite colour is blue, season is spring and currently loving a tea called ‘walk in the woods’ that a friend sent me, it’s delicious. Enjoy the sunshine today xx

  17. Jacquie

    Hi Phillipa, I recently discovered your blog via Lucy ( Attic 24) . I’ve already linked to your site in a post you inspired…….

    I’ve updated my blog list and would love to enter your give-away.
    My favourite colour changes all the time ….at the moment it’s orange.
    Favourite season is always spring….especially the month of May.
    Favourite tea…….Yorkshire Tea….milk, no sugar :0)
    Jacquie x

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Hi Jacquie, and so glad you enjoy my work and are inspired too! …and I agree Autumn really just provides a different sort of ‘flower’. Yorkshire tea is always a strong contender for the top of my everyday tea list too 🙂

  18. Olga

    I love your garden blog, Philippa. Shame I can’t read it daily, but I enjoy sitting down with my cuppa and read recent posts one after another 🙂 Color – deep blue, season – spring, tea – Lady Grey. Olga from North Yorkshire.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Hi Olga, it’s always quite nice to catch up with internet things in a burst…especially with a cup of te! So glad you enjoy it 🙂

  19. stacey fisher

    Congratulations on your new home! Always, always stop by but I don’t always leave a comment. My favorite color is blue and green or golden yellow, love winter and spring especially the in between bit and very particular regarding my tea -Taylors of Harrigate loose leaf earl grey with just the right amount of sweetner and creamiest of milk.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you Stacey!And I never worry about the comments…it’s here for people to look at and just have a think. Taylors of Harrogate is great! Betty’s is one of my all time favourite tea places 🙂

  20. Trinity

    What a beautiful new blog! I’ve enjoyed following you on Instagram and have now favorited your website. My favorite color is teal. Season would have to be summer! (I’m from Hawaii and now live in Santa Barbara, California.) And favorite tea changes with the season. Right now it’s peppermint green tea (also known as Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green tea). Thank you for all of your lovely photos and posts.

  21. Denise Karan

    I love your blog and find your pictures truly beautiful… I can spend aaaages looking at them!
    Oooo, you chose a tough question… I suppose if I were really forced to choose I’d say green, in all it’s wonderful shades. My favourite season is easy – it’s Spring, and my favourite tea is Lipton’s English Breakfast tea.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much Denise!…and green is such a great colour with so many amazing shades; I can spend ages just looking at green! 😉

  22. Adel

    Your instagram posts always brighten my days – thank you! Congrats on your new blog!
    Tea – love them all!
    Season – autumn.
    Colour – blue.

  23. Julia

    How lovely! I adore your instagram flowers and paintings, they are ever inspiring!
    My favorite colour is purple or mauve, though i revive with spring i love the fragrance of autumn (“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!” as Keats says) and my preferred tea lately is orange blossom.

  24. bekki

    Hi, ive just found your website and have had a good look around here and in your shop. I love your use of colour! You have a great understanding of it! My husband tells me I have synaesthesia, id never heard of it until I met him. I thought everyone saw things the same way! For me its sound, I cant play music but I can paint it! I’m glad ive found your website, thank you for sharing the inspiration. Almost forgot Colour: purple Season: Autumn Tea: pai mai tai.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much Bekki! Apparently most synaesthetes don’t realise they are for ages because, like you say, you just think that’s how the world is and how everyone must see it…sound was the first and most predominant feature of my own synaesthesia ( I reckon I could have read music if it was in colour and had some different shapes in it…) As I explored my own synaesthesia I realised that you just have to turn off other stuff in your mind and concentrate on the abstract that’s already there/happening…life is often too busy to be able to focus on it properly…you’ve got to try eating or drinking something with a strong flavour ( and not too much distracting texture ) with your eyes closed in a quiet place…bet you’ll see it! x

  25. gloria

    I have to say that I love any season, any colour. Why should we have to pick a favourite? I can only thank you for your beyond beautiful and inspiring tables. Some of your table colour palettes have inspired a couple of the colour palettes in my tiny watercolours. So a big thanks for sharing your garden and your talent through your compositions.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      No one should have to pick favourites, don’t worry…but sometimes you just can’t help, and I often think it’s quite fun just to consider things to work out what you’re naturally drawn too 😛 So pleased you like my work and that you find it inspiring too! Big thanks back! 😀

  26. gloria ferrer viader

    One can only love any season, any colour. Why should one have to choose with such endless possibilities. I can only thank you for sharing your beyond beautiful and inspiring tables. Some of your colours palettes have inspired a few of my tiny watercolurs. So thanks for so generously sharing your garden and talent.

  27. Valérie

    Another fan here ! I’ve been foloowing you on instagram for a while, and I just love your work and pictures !
    Thanks a lot for your giveaway. My fave color will be orange. Or a nice red. Best season would be early spring, and favorite tea is red berries ones.

    Wishing you a longlife to your new blog !

  28. kazzy

    Sooo much beauty in your Artful table displays… I was admiring mine today with a lit pumpkin, covered in pumpkin seeds, glitter and paints, garden and illustration books, my daughters drawings of a cat bat or a bat cat (i know what your thinking have i typed that right?), half drunk cup of tea and some Halloween sweets. Not much space for dinner plates so we have eaten off our laps my daughter and myself ;0)… my fav colour is turquoise though i do love the Cornish blue, I do like an earl grey tea and my fav season has to be Autumn…but summer was grand this year!!!!. I think my dresser top is like your table displays the colour and the objects change with the seasons and its always a joy to have a change about ;0)

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you for sharing your glittery pumpkin and bat cat! I’m always drawn to turquoise and blue and celadon is a favourite too…it’s great to rediscover the nature table isn’t it…even if it’s a nature dresser 😛

  29. julie

    Mmm, favourite colour would have to be maroon but I’m looking at my turquoise silk coat hanging on the line and love that colour too! I have to admit that I mainly wear black and grey and like to add a block of colour using scarves and cardigans depending on my mood. Favourite season is Spring when ALL the colours of nature appear. My favourite black tea is Dilmah’s double strength but I continue to search for the Japanese arrowroot tea that I haven’t been able to find for about 15 years (despite asking every new Asian grocery store I come across in Sydney). PS your Instagram posts bring beauty into my life everyday. Thanks for sharing your work

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Hi Julie…I have that exact think with black and grey…I used to wear ridiculously colourful stuff, and then life changed…and so did I ( I think all that love of colour now goes into my work so I don’t actually need to wear it! ).
      I like the fact that there’s a tea you’re always searching for…and so pleased my work brings a bit of beauty to you 🙂

  30. Emma

    It’s looking great Philippa! Hope all is good with you, and the workshop goes well next week, so disappointed I can’t make it. Just about to click on your workshop menu to find out if there are any more planned! X

  31. Julia

    Love the look of your new blog, hope you feel at home soon!
    My favourite colour is blue, season is spring and currently in enjoying a tea called ‘walk in the woods’ from yumchaa, it’s delicious xx

  32. Sahar Ahmed

    I truly envy your talent! I have been an ardent follower for the past 3 or 4 months and am utterly disappointed when I do not find a post from you everyday in my Instagram feed. You are an inspiration…
    My fave colour would be blue – though to be honest I love all colours of the rainbow. My fave season would be summer. My fave tea is good old fashioned Earl Grey 🙂

  33. Caz S

    I love your table art ! My fave season is Autumn, favorite color is orange and my absolute favorite tea is Yorkshire Gold …… So good !

  34. Jen Y

    My favorite color is green, my favorite season is fall (because that’s the one I happen to be in at the moment) & my favorite tea is Bromley’s darjeeling – I drink it every day.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      It’s great to have a favourite tea everyday…sometimes drinking the special ones almost feels like having a refined cocktail ;P

  35. kendall

    Just found your blog thanks to Lucy of Attic24, and I am in love with your artistic sensibility! You are filling my days with more beauty. My favorite color is blue – any shade, season is Spring, and tea is English Breakfast. Thank you for your lovely and artful compositions from Washington DC.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you SO much! I love to be able to share the beauty which is constantly around us…and I’m just off for my own English Breakfast! 😉

  36. Marie

    Hi Philippa,
    I Think your new blog home looks fab!
    My favorites are teal, autumn, and Earl Grey.
    Looking forward to next weekend!

  37. Lucy Burns

    Thankyou for sharing your beeeauuutiful photos – always so lovely to see.
    My favourite colour is red (or turquoise!), I just love the rich autumn colours, and (dare I say it!) I’m actually a coffee drinker!

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I drink coffee too…but just couldn’t have as many cups of it as I need, so thats where the tea comes to the rescue! 😉

  38. Heejin

    Hello! I found your blog from instagram. I love all your photos!
    I like violet, winter and hibiscus tea!

  39. Jane

    Thank you for always sharing your amazing photos to us 😀
    It was really inspired me a lot, and it was always bring out kind, lovely and comfortable feeling for me 😀
    My favourite colour is BLUE ( Blue is always the best for me!! When I saw blue things, I will be happy-mad-crazy )
    The season that I love the most is WINTER. I live in Malaysia, I never been in winter before, but when I searching some video or picture online I was like always dreaming that I was in the environment and yes I will definitely go to any country that have winter HAHA 😀
    I don’t really drink tea, but when I drink I choose GREEN TEA FRAPPUCCINO, the cold is always the best for me. But at the same time I hope I can find some Blue Tea one day, and I will drink it for the rest of my life HAHA:D

  40. Rose

    I LOVE all of your work and am saving up to buy one of your paintings – adore ‘the taste of green olives’.

    Favourite colour yellow, favourite season autumn and favourite tea lemon and ginger – no better way to start the day 🙂

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much Rose…and SO pleased that you like my work so much too! And I can completely see how those favourites of yours all go together 😉

  41. Kirstin Marie

    Hello! I love your photos and blogs!
    My favorite color is gold because it goes with everything 😉 my favorite season is fall! And my favorite tea is spiced chai that I make at home 😉 everything is always better homemade!

  42. scaredy-cat

    Found you through Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and every time you post I’m blown away by the beauty of your photos. Thank you!

    I like most colours and it depends on the day which one I’d call my favourite. I was really into mustard yellow for a long time, but I think it’s changing… Maybe a dark red wine colour?

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m so inspired by the abundance of colour in the world…amazing constant inspiration right in front of me! Really pleased you like my work 😉

  43. Melanie Yeh

    I stumbled across your Instagram feed through the discover option. And I have particularly loved your rainbows, blues and greens. I’m very much looking forward to buying some calendars for my mother in law. An amateur photographer and prolific gardener 🙂
    I love blue
    I love spring
    And a spring day with chai tea from a blue cup would just be wonderful 🙂
    (Our farmers market has some phenomenal teas)


    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much Melanie and I really feel that being a photographer and gardener is a great combination…and tea in a blue cup is always very appealing 😉

  44. Danielle Jean

    My favorite color is a tie between deep burgundy and royal purple. I enjoy the time of year that is typically the week of the first snowfall near me, the transition between fall and winter, where you get both. And my favorite kind of tea is any kind of tea with a fruity accent, and I’ve been preferring cranberry apple for a while now.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing all that Danielle…Ilove the sense of those deep colours combined with a snowy winter too 🙂

  45. Kate

    I am so in love with your blog!! Fave color is blue, fave season is fall and fave tea is good earths sweet and spicy 🙂

  46. Anat Rivlin

    The pic you take And post are so inspiring And they fill the heart with so many feelings. I cant wAit fot my eldest girl to grew a bit more so I can show her your work. It’s like music.

    I love winter maybe it’s never to harsh where I live.
    I love varieties of grey color especially when they blend.
    I love tulsi tea.

    Good luck to you


    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I am so, so pleased that you see the music in the pictures! I always want to create that same flow which a piece of music has, and if written music was in colour I know I’d have found it much easier to read and interpret!
      I also love passing on the love of nature and arranging to children. 🙂
      ( btw I’ve never heard of tulsi tea! )

  47. Rachel Franklin

    I’m new to your beautiful work and blog – love following your insta feed. My favorite color is green. My favorite season, visually, is Autumn. But I’m most physically comfortable in Spring. My favorite flavor of tea is a strong cinnamon spice. I also love Chai. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Big welcome to you Rachel and thank you for the compliments…I know what you mean about the ohysical comfort of a season…Spring has definitely become more appealing as I’ve got older 😉

  48. Ilona

    Hi! Loving the rainbow arrangements, as ever. Here goes:
    Colour: (currently) lime green.
    Season: spring.
    Tea: following a bit of a cold last week, I’m really enjoying a bit of lemon and ginger. Mm!


    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I find those rainbow arrangements so satisfying to put together,so I’m chuffed you like them too! Lime green is great and always love seeing it with a turquoise and woody brown 😉

  49. Virginia

    I follow you on Instagram but always want more – so I check out the extra pictures on your website. Adds such beautiful natural colour to my days. My favourite colour is spring green but my favourite season is fall. My favourite tea is a special black tea blend created for my favourite bookstore called the Bookman Tea.

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      I’m so pleased I’m able to give you a little extra via the blog! And thanks so much for sharing your likes…Bookman tea sounds intriguing 🙂

  50. mariagrazia

    Hello from Italy :). I’m new in the blog, I discovered you with instagram. Your creations and works are fantastic. Compliments!
    I love the spring but also the autumn is wonderful, indeed I love the colours that nature offers in this period. I prefer herbal tea.
    Kiss 🙂

  51. Beverley Moffitt

    Love your pictures, you’re such a talented artist. Planning on spending next week foraging to try and create a 5ftinf inspired scene of my own. I love the colours of autumn but jot the cold, windy, wet weather that goes with it; my favourite season is Spring – all that new life and the start of sunny days. My favourite colours at the moment are teal and mustard and my favourite tea changes all the time – I’m a big fan of rooiboos (redbush) as it’s caffeine free and naturally sweet but, as the cold weather creeps in, I’m drinking lots of spiced herbal teas, camomile and spiced apple is my current fave. X

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      It’s such a great thing to arrange on a table at home…I love just looking before I even arrange; looking and letting things just spring into my mind…and I love teal too ( and that celadon colour ) 😉

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