My Art

 SYNAESTHETIC PAINTINGPhoto 02-02-2016, 13 20 32     ( above ) Sketch of The Taste of Pimms and Lemonade

Being synesthetic means that I can see sound, taste and smell in shape, colour and texture, which allows me to create unique portraits of people’s voices, food and drink.

Synaesthesia is a merging of the senses, and I see textured, colourful shapes in every taste, sound and smell.

These moving shapes don’t intrude on my sight, but they do enhance my inner abstract vision. These moving forms can either be visited deeply when I’m painting, or in a more transitory way within everyday life.

I really believe that we are all born synaesthetic but just lose the capacity to acknowledge or appreciate it as we become adults. Being synaesthetic has definitely helped me retain a passion for the world; seeing and listening beyond the obvious, and sort of looking round the corners of the senses.

Although I often paint seascapes, most of my paintings draw directly on synaesthesia, and I try to offer a vivid, emotional and personal impression of my combined sensory responses to sound and taste. They are paintings which offer a unique insight into a synaesthetic perception.

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