Saturday…Catch Up!

June 6, 2015

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imageIt seems like ages since my last post, so I thought I’d better do a bit of a catch up…

Last weekend I escaped to Cornwall for a couple of days after the madness of the month of the Open House exhibition…I slept a lot, and then when I came home I was still exhausted so the start of the week was a bit slow…

When I was away, the peonies ‘hatched’…it always seems incredible that so many petals emerge from such a tight, round bud!

But when they’re picked they never last long enough, so I’m quite sparing with an arrangement so they can still look amazing outside…although yesterday when I was working at the table, it was quite comforting somehow to hear the gentle pat of a flurry of petals on the floor next to me every now and again…image( This was Thursday when I was feeling very much in love with my new shoes! )image …and these were freshly picked on Mondayimage image image I love how they grow amongst the ferns and ferns, for me, have one of the best smells in the garden as well as that amazing young green…

An this is the prettiest of my 4 clematis flowers the year…the others have been slightly ravaged by the wind and some small beasts…image ( I was still a little bit in love here with the new shoes! )image I also brought back some golden pebbles and shells from Cornwall…image image imageI love looking for clues…it was one of the things I remember a tutor saying when I was on a History of Design course at Poly; ‘always study a building for clues of what it’s history is’…

I liked that, but I think I particularly like it when applied to objects; pebbles have have some massive past life too…

as has this door…image this window…image this curtain…image and ‘Sally Crouch’s’ old suitcase…image Today at the car boot I was looking for some things which we’ll be able to use at my workshop next weekend, and I found these diaries…full of past life..image imageI’ve worked out that these diaries belonged to a Miss Mellon from when she was 23 – 25yrs old ( 1957 – 1958 ) who took a little while to get her teeth seen to, but she was obviously a horse lover and owner…image image …as well as a rug maker!image I found some other great bits and pieces too…image I love the box of this ‘printing outfit’ but also the tiny little print blocks inside…imagebut this I completely love!!

Photo Puzzles…weird photos of close up objects and you have to guess what they are!

It really made me want to create this game myself in some way, so watch this space…

( test yourself on these for starters… )image I’m also very partial to pewter… image …and scissorsimage image …and finally a bowl to match some of my jugs!

Crown Ducal, Mimosa pattern is one of my favourites and this was only £2!

…I fear I will be going for more car bootiér tomorrow!image



One thought on “Saturday…Catch Up!

  1. susan hall

    thanks for sharing your weekend. a lovely post.
    i like all the things you bought but the diary is my favourite, a glimpse of a life when i was a little girl, it reminds me of a “miss read” novel. she comments somewhere on the resourcefulness of women’s lives
    and how we never need be bored, even our daily work we can arrange as we like and change to something else when we’ve had enough !
    i think i am wittering on too much, so i will desist.

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