August 16, 2014

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I was clearing some things away this morning and my Granny’s old 1963 diary caught my eye…I wondered what she was doing on August 15th 1963; nearly 10 years before I was born.
What I read in her diary was quite ordinary… “long walk with dogs” and somehow it was a much more pleasing record of her life than writing flamboyantly about things.
Often things are simple, need no explanation and just are.
The entry on November 22nd is particularly poignant…Clive was my father, and I think maybe he came home from London to be with his parents because of the enormity of world events that day.
This is Beryl and Jim…some of the diary entries when he was on a fishing holiday simply say; “Jim phoned”
( Uncle Sport! What a name… )
…and there you have it; Tuesday 26th November, a whole day devoted to Ikebana!

It’s such a sweet little book, and just as informative as any of her old gardening library.

8 thoughts on “Saturday…


    How lovely for you to have both your grandmother’s diaries and her garden library – do you keep a diary as a result of reading hers? I have always loved the idea of keeping a diary for both the exciting and the mundane times in life, but somehow never have had the patience.

    1. philippa stanton

      I don’t keep a diary, but I do write extensively in my wall calendar ( all mundane stuff )…so I think I might keep them, just in case I have an inquisitive granchild at some point! 🙂

  2. Nina Bagley

    life is a beautiful and unpredictable thing. here I am, waaay past midnight, reading about stranger’s grandmother’s journal and gardening. and it is lovely to feel connected in a kindred way, across the ocean. lovely post, lovely images…. x

    1. philippa stanton

      Thank you so much…I wonder what Beryl would have thought of me putting her diary up here…hopefully she would have excused it due to the abundance of plants and flowers! 😉

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