Online Course Testimonial…

My online course is a new venture for me, although I put together a bespoke online course for a student at the beginning of the year, so I thought I’d share her testemonial if you wanted a look…

This is a difficult review to write to make sure I get across and explain how much I got out of working with Philippa. 

I contacted Philippa because like you I imagine I admired her work, the variety, the texture the uniqueness and really wanted to learn through her. I mainly created images for my Instagram account but had started to loose interest in this and had got away from the freedom of creating. The course had such a positive impact on this and completely changed things around for me which I think is evident in my gallery of pictures, you can see a clear change and shift from when I started the course. 

Philippa designed a tailor made course. I can’t explain how much work she put into her preparation to enable me to get so much out of it. Really pulling and making me think about all things creative that excite me. Elements of my work I never even knew i did think about she noticed and directed me to explore. 

For the first time in ages I was excited about creating again, her encouragement and guidance removed barriers I had of fear of would this work. I started to create, see vision in everyday, wanted to just play and have fun even if it didn’t maybe turn out the exact way I had visualised the course made me realise the process of creating and thinking is equally as important as the finished result. It opened my eyes to noticing beauty in the everyday, recognising the changing of the seasons and exploring colour to a whole new level. 

The importance of being true to yourself, we live with beautiful images at our fingertips it can be overwhelming to not doubt yourself or just copy them. Each week we explored different elements from colour, texture to atmosphere in images and this made me want to admire others work but to follow my own journey and create unique images to me. 

When the course was coming to an end I really didn’t want it to end, every week the knowledge base and direction Philippa would give made me want it to continue on and I often think i will have to take up another course with her soon.  

– Elizabeth Dalton @blowyinthewind