Monday…with lots of arrangements, workshops…and views!

March 16, 2015

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imageI decided that I’d like to run small workshops from my home, as my home is my creative hub, and at home I have my colours, props, garden, kitchen…and table of course, right at my fingertips!

imageI don’t have a large house by any stretch of the imagination which is why I knew I’d have to keep numbers very limited.

The workshops this weekend were so enjoyable, I think in part, because I could morph my whole house into an artist’s palette of colour, texture and shape for all the participants to play with.


I wanted to try and expand people’s idea of composition beyond the realms of just flowers and try to get them to feel the creative importance of playing and experimenting with other medium, and letting things happen and appear without much thought…


Creating a piece of artistic work, even if it’s just for Instagram or as part of a blog, is often exhausting because you’re using a part of your brain in a very concentrated way to create a reflection of something inside you which you can’t express in words.


I think lots of women are made to feel that this sort of creative process is just a bit of pretty nonsense…I think that it’s really not!


Yes, it’s pretty and yes, in the grand scheme of banking and business and other grown up things in the City,  it may appear unnecessary, but it should be something we actually own as a personal artistic expression, without feeling the need to put ourselves down, and in some way place women who use flowers in some category of ‘women who just play with flowers while they’re bringing up the kids.

Japanese Ikebana acknowledges the importance of its spiritual, creative and artistic importance…flower arranging is an important piece of Japanese culture.

Exploring creativity is so essential to everything in life, even though people in grown up jobs may think otherwise…maybe they are too tired and important after a day at the office to look at how aesthetic balance may have a positive effect on life.

However painting, to a lot of people, is clearly too intimidating to just have a go at…picking up a brush or a palette knife, and daubing in a free and expressive way on a large blank canvas is not only expensive, messy and frightening, it’s also, more often than not, downright disheartening!

Flowers however, create a palette of colour, texture and movement which you don’t have to mix like paint, and they create beauty in front of you before you even have a go at arranging them…even if your arrangement doesn’t work, the flowers on their own will, and what better and more accessible medium to work with, particularly for busy, creative women at home trying to bring up children, is there…other than dried pasta, coloured paper and glue?!


Anyway, that’s the sort of thing which was buzzing around my head before the workshops this weekend…I create my compositions from the starting point of an artist who normally uses paint, and I try to use colours, props and textures as freely as if I’d squeezed them out of tubes of paint, and hopefully I was able to encourage a bit of that freeness of expression in what we did this weekend…there certainly were some amazing compositions in collage, prop arranging and last but not least… flowers!

imageWe put colláges together and then punctuated them with flowers…

image…here a two which were put together by Nicole …imageand Emma from Sew Recycled…image…and Sarahimage
image We also worked arranging props…sort of 3D colláge…image these props below were chosen by Sue, which proved quite tricky ( especially that blue marble )…but we got there in the endimage I chose some bits and pieces too…the brown electrical tape was not massively appealing, but I wanted people to try and make things work in a composition which weren’t just pretty…image On Sunday people played with collecting a rainbow of props…these were some chosen by Emma from A Quite Style..image

and these were props chosen by Andie from Kippercklock 

imageAfter lunch we moved onto the flowers…image image …and I demonstrated my type of composition with added textures literally dropped in from the kitchen…image Natasha from Takingamomentintime allowed me to re-arrange her composition and add the textures…mess isn’t always up everyone’s street! imageI demonstrated in purples on Sunday…with and without popcornimage image…and then everyone had a go at messing with everythingimage This was Emma’s composition…before the sugarimage this was part of Beth’s compositionimage …and this might just have been my favourite composition from NicoleimageimageSo, like I said, it was a lovely workshop weekend ( and Sally at Plooms Pens  provided these amazing Mother’s day gifts on the Sunday! ) …but I just can’t help wondering where the boys who like flower arranging are hiding!!

The photo below is courtesy of my late Granny…and look, boys playing with flowers!

…I want some boys too, at my workshops next time!imageP.S there are lots of great photos which the participants took if you have a look on Instagram using the hashtag: 5ftinfworkshop

7 thoughts on “Monday…with lots of arrangements, workshops…and views!

  1. Julia

    Lovely photos! Oi, I just found your instagram and those photos are so beautiful. And also it is nice to hear more stories here in your blog.

    Have a nice week!

  2. Julia

    Lovely photos! I just found your instagram and tose photos are so beautiful. And also it is nice hear more stories here in your blog. I wanted to say that. Have a nice week!

  3. Julia

    Lovely photos! I just found your instagram and those photos are so beautiful. And also it is nice to hear more stories behind the photos. I just wanted to say that, have a nice week!

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you! So glad that you’ve had a peep over here from Instagram! Hope you’re having a good week too 🙂

  4. Melanie

    Such an interesting read Philippa. I really enjoyed talking to you about this at the weekend, and like hearing your… ‘views’ 😉

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thanks so much! ( I only just located/rescued your comment btw so I’m really sorry for my late reply ) Glad you had a good read! 😉

  5. Kim B.

    Your photos are gorgeous as always, that goes without saying. But here, I really appreciate what you said about the important work of creativity. Beautifully expressed as well.

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