Monday…with floating seeds

January 5, 2015

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imageSome of you may remember that back in August I collected some Ornamental Artichoke heads which had been uprooted from my local park ( you can see about it here )…


The idea was to dry them out and possibly collect seeds from them…image I had sort of forgotten about them, as they’d been in my shed all Autumn, and hadn’t noticed how they’d morphed into dried golden heads…image imageTo be honest, I didn’t relish the idea of pulling them apart to look for the seeds as the heads are tough and quite spiky, and this one was certainly heading towards being chucked in the fire, but I just thought I’d have a look anyway…image…and then out came these big seeds!

I set about pulling it apart and collecting the seeds in a bowl, and when I looked at the table a few minutes later, it was completely covered in these giant ‘seed carriers’…

I had found them in August; too early for the large head to open up and the seeds naturally fly away, so instead they were now doing it inside my house…image image image imageThe hoover has now devoured most of them, but I did take some time-lapse videos which you can see here:

1. slow fall

2. Slow Opening

3. Opening Up

( there’s also a Steller Story here )

One of the problems, and joys, of being an artist is distraction…a simple job turned into hours of playing with seeds; so no tidying, no planning, no e-mails, not really anything constructive today yet, so I better get on!


3 thoughts on “Monday…with floating seeds

  1. Emma

    Those videos are great, and I love the photo with them on and under the table. Happy New Year to you, I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings you x

  2. jmeyersforeman

    I love the videos, the first image with the blue and gold is very eye catching, and calming, it is wonderful to just sit and look at it and let the eye wander around. They are all beautiful really, the kitchen table back lit by the window, the seeds on the stools. wonderful

  3. dawn

    How fun this was to see, love it! How funny to read your last part after what I just said in comments in above post. I’m spending to much time on IG and not enough getting chores and creating for myself so I’m on a time out for now, lol.
    I too can get lost in projects and colors and photos and the whole day slips away from me. Wish we could freeze time while we played, wouldn’t it be nice.

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