Monday…with Autumn arrival

August 31, 2015

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image image As it’s still August ( …just ), I sort of felt like I was jumping the seasonal gun a bit; maybe willing myself into Autumn. But there is definitely, definitely a change in light, air, smell and colour…

We’ve had so much rain over the past 10 days, that it’s maybe sped everything up.

Whatever the reason, I am so relieved it’s here, ( and it makes me even more excited about the Autumn Workshop I’ll be running with Anna @swallowsanddamsons )…

I love the fact that flowers, berries, fruit, nuts and veg all play their beautiful part in the best of all seasons!!image image image image image image …bring it on for the next 2 and a half months!!image( P.S You can book a place on the Autumn workshop day here )