Monday…with a workshop catchup

June 15, 2015

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image On Saturday I ran one of my small workshops here at home, and had been sorting out the flowers during the week…these roses were overhanging the garage I’d had to take my car to to get fixed, and they said I could have as many as I liked… they smell amazing!imageI wanted to work with colour, and all together in the morning so we collected things from around the house to make a colour table…image image image …nothing was to touch anything else and there were no angles at this stage…imageimage image image we punctuated the table with small amounts of colour from the garden…image ( and the roses! )image image just before lunch, everyone opened a little box of inspiration to help with the afternoon compositions…image and then each person worked with a different vinyl title to create a bit of a story…image

…this one by Marieimage
this one by Renieimage ( the mess of the in-between.. )image this one by Cristinaimage this one by Enaraimage and this one by Emilyimage image Cheeks appeared at lunchtime as well, and had a little chat to everyone making his presence very known!image …and then at the end of the day, the empty mugs were just the beginning of the big clear up!imageAlso big thanks to Sara from Social Goods Co for sending some lovely pencils, Holly Bell ( and here ) for the beautiful mugs and Grow London for the tickets!

You can also see a Steller version of the workshop photos here: