Italy ( part 3 )…with Rustic Reds

September 2, 2014

Filed Under : Summer

When I arranged one of my table/trug photos during the week I had completely coincidentally used the colours of the Italian flag
I often wake up with a sense or feeling of colour and am then drawn to it for the rest of the day, so maybe the Italian colours themselves had inadvertently seeped into my mind…
We walked in and around a farm near to the hotel, which had a guard goose, and when the old man saw me taking photos he proudly led me to a hut of baby goats ( which he appeared to control with a long twig! ).
There’s something about Italy which seems to bring you closer to your food…seeing the abundance of home grown produce and wild fruits daily sort of made our meals a complete part of the day, and I can absolutely see how good food, cooking and the land is such a massive part of Italian culture…