Friday…with Pots

June 13, 2014

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The shed is getting a little tidier now, and also seems to have a lot more space at the moment; we even had supper in there last night for the first time ever.

But although The Cheeks looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth he has wreaked havoc on a few plants just outside the shed door.
So, this morning I thought I’d put some suffering Heuchera into a pot and also sort out the succulents…

This bright yellow enamelled colander was given to me about 20 years ago by a voice teacher who was moving house. 
A few weeks later it was hurled across the room by my flat mate in one of those heated student rows, flying towards her obnoxious boyfriend, hence the chips…she missed.
I mixed some rough earth from the garden…
…spooned it into the colander
…and arranged the snail savaged survivors. ( I think this colander is all about survivors! )
For potting up the Heuchera, I added ash from my fire bin to some compost and mixed it up…
I’d salvaged these Heuchera from a man at the tip a few weeks ago, and earlier this week had salvaged them again from Cheeks’ own kind of tip!
I’d re-juvinated the plants in jam jars of water, and I could see definite signs of recovery when I planted them up…
…so I made sure that this time they were placed in a cat proof situation!
Throughout the year I keep Geraniums on my kitchen window sill; obsessively snipping and re-rooting them as well as admiring the relationship they always cultivate with their pot.
As I’d moved the succulents to a different spot today, I decided to unleash my extended family into the warm outdoors.
Really hope you all have a great weekend… in your own warm outdoors!

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  1. Tash

    Hey, just thought I’d comment to say that I recently found your blog through Instagram and have fallen totally in love with it! You have such a talent for capturing the beauty in simple things. I’ll definitely be keeping up with future posts 🙂

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