Friday…with Natural Fascinators

December 12, 2014

Filed Under : D.I.Y - Winter

image When I was making mini wreathes the other night, I ran out of wire at one point, so started to play around with the Virginia Creeper twigs making impromptu fascinators, so I though I’d make some for myself and share the idea!


Twigs from a creeper are ideal as they are still bendy, vary in length…and have a mind of their own!image image As with the mini wreathes yesterday, wire is the magic ingredient…image when you hit upon a shape ( and just let it happen, rather than forcing anything )…secure it with some wire…image image add a select few berries and blossoms…image …and then attach to a hair band ( I’m pretty sure you could also use a small hair comb )image attach it so that when you wear the band, the fascinator itself stays at a jaunty angle…imageimage I’ve always loved mini hats and fascinators, and love those incredible 1930’s hats you see in films like ‘The Women’ ( if you click on that link please watch the trailer; there’s an amazing hat in virtually every shot! ), so I think that’s probably where my inspiration here stems from…image …and obviously I couldn’t just stop at one!


They really are quite simple to put together, and I made each of these in under 10 mins, so if you’re going to a Christmas ‘do’ this week, maybe try a new style of party hat!image