Friday…with garden texture and ferns

September 25, 2015

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imageAs the Autumn creeps on, the textures of the garden are changing as well as the colours, and I love it when everything grows into each other; joined together by falling leaves and fading flowers…it was so nice to have a meeting with Cécile ( from Tiki Brighton ) in the shed this morning about an exciting pop up happening in London this November ( which I’ll keep you posted about very soon…Holly Bell’s ceramics will also feature! )imageimage image image image …although the nasturtiums are far from fading and seem brighter than ever…image image image image image image image image imageAfter our meeting and a potter in the back garden I wanted to pick some ferns from the front garden…I suddenly remembered these amazing fern books I was given by my mum during the summer…they must have belonged to my Granny, but they’re really old so maybe they were her mother’s…image I love ferns and when I was about 8 years old I went on a school trip fossil hunting in the Forest of Dean…I was SO excited when I found my fern fossil and then distraught when my best friend dropped it…BUT when I picked up the pieces we realised it had broken to reveal and even better fern fossil! …A bit of a life lesson really; sometimes when things are broken they’re far more deep and interesting…image

Anyway, the book is amazing and each colour wood block print which appears is like a pressed fern ( there were also some real old brow pressed ferns hiding on page 230! )…there is a lot of reading to be done now and a renewed fascination…I reckon ferns are going to be the new succulents!!image

( and here’s a quick flip through the books to give you the sense of it’s gorgeousness…)

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