Friday…with garden changes

April 10, 2015

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image I’d been away in Cornwall for a week and was really hoping that when I got back to the garden there would be some Spring movement……I wasn’t disappointed

It was so nice to be able to create an arrangement of flowers entirely from the garden at last…

( I had to pick the daffodils from the front garden as I was having new wifi installed and the men nearly crushed them!! )

image the grape hyacinths in the pot had really got a move on…

image and the hyacinths in the border seemed to have appeared from nowhere!
image( Cheeks was also very glad to be back in his own, sunny garden )image The snakes-head Fritillaries are a particular favourite andI’d completely forgotten that I’d planted some bulbs next to the bronze fennel and aqualeiga which are both looking very new and healthy…image The perennial wall flowers have gone completely mad…there are so many flower buds on both the purple and yellowimage One of the heuchera which I split and moved to a shady spot last year is also looking perky…image image …and the campanula is certainly getting in the mood for floweringimage as are the oriental poppiesimage However the buddleia really needs to be cut back to get the best blooms during the summer, so that’ll be a job for the weekend…image …and I’m pleased to report that I have successfully saved virtually all of my giant echiums from frostbite! The poor one at the back of the picture is making such an effort after the tip was attacked by the cold; it has lots and lots of little buds poking out from underneath frostbitten leaves so I reckon there may be some dainty colour to come from the giant stem…image imageThe day lilies are making there way into spring…imagebut the arum lily which my neighbour gave me last year doesn’t look massively happy, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on that as I’m desperate to have a clump of them at the bottom of the garden…image(…these dandelions will need severely dealing with )image The redcurrant has suddenly sprung into life as well with lots of tiny flower buds…image …and the bramble is beginning to prepare the way for late Summer fruitimageUnfortunately the tulips have been completely overshadowed by the echiums so this won’t be a good year for them, but fingers crossed for next Spring…

image The cowslips were a nice surprise though, as I’d sort of forgotten about them, as were the forget-me-notsimageimage …this ivy has got way too excited about the Spring though, and as I don’t want it strangling the Virginia Creeper, I will have to untangle all this at some point soon..image

So finally Spring has really sprung and I have to say it really makes me SO happy!!