Friday…with a Handmade Christmas Card tutorial

December 22, 2017

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I always really enjoy making my own christmas cards but I think over the last few years I’ve been a bit lazy as I give lots of my family and friends my own printed cards, which feels kind of home made, but it means that I don’t really exercise any practical creativity in these few days leading up to Christmas. To be honest, that’s mainly because there isn’t enough time, but this morning I was ripping up some envelopes and thought how much the tear looked like snow…which is how these cards began… You will only need paper, pencil, glue, paints, crayons or felt tips and some glitter glue, a gold pen and a pair of scissors… I’m rubbish at cutting straight lines so I thought I’d make a virtue of it and create snow drift tops to the cards ( basically cut the card wonky at the top )… Then you need some white paper…if you have 3 different types that’s perfect, although not essential… Tear strips and chunks of the paper, making sure that you’re not controlling it too much…
When you have a few strips you can start sticking them on the card…don’t worry about it being neat or going over the edges…it’s better to look natural, and you can tidy it up a bit after the sticking… Try and build a sort of landscape, working from the bottom up, and include some of the bits of paper which will curl up, as this is reminiscent of windy weather in the snow… Once you feel you have your snowy landscape, draw a very simple cabin house in it… Then colour in the cabin, showing light in the window and smoke in the chimney so that there is a striking contrast between snow and the cosy life inside… You could also add some sunset colours accross the snow before adding some little dabs of glitter which act as ice as well as stars… Each card you make will have it’s own cabin and landscape which gives each one really individual character.. It’s a great, quick way to create something homemade and it’s a way you can re use  some of the masses of excess paper or packaging around at this time of year, and it’s also really easy and satisfying for kids who, let’s face it, love ripping up loads of paper!

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