Friday…Giveaway Winner!

November 7, 2014

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imageToday I was able to pick a winner for the giveaway which I put out there last week, to welcome you all to my new blog home here…

Typically I went about it in a long winded and not very digital way: I read all your comment, noted the seasons, colours and tea preferences, wrote all your names on bits of paper, stirred them around a tea pot ( the largest one I have, I think ) …image‘spooned’ out a name…imageadded them to my tea cup…imageand opened up the winner…who is ‘Bylorelli’!

Of course I then realised that I’d spelt her name wrong on the bit of paper (… my hands, unfortunately, don’t have in-built spell-check ! ), which was not great, but at least it was legible!

imageIt was absolutely fascinating reading what favourites you all had, and overall, Autumn was the seasonal favourite, blue was the colour favourite, and to my naive astonishment herbal teas were so much more popular with you all than my favourite black teas!

There’s a nod to Bylorelli’s favourite colour, purple, with this last composition, when I made my own cup of favourite ‘working’ tea…English Breakfast.

Big Congratulations to the winner and a massive thank you to everyone who entered…I really enjoyed getting to know you all a bit better! xxx


2 thoughts on “Friday…Giveaway Winner!

  1. Michaela

    Your blog is so, so wonderful! I found you on the blog of attic24 and i’m very to find you. I love your colour-samplers.

    With best wishes from Germany


    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Thank you so much Micheala…I love colour and also ordering it in beautiful ways…so pleased you found me via Lucy 😉

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