October 31, 2014

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Photo 28-10-2014 13 49 47

Being Half Term, I was away for a few days earlier this week. I was in Cornwall initially and then on Tuesday morning I drove 6 hours to Warwickshire to see my Mum, and then a further 3 hours back to Brighton that evening…with a teenager and a cat!

I collected loads of foliage for my workshop next weekend, but I was so impressed by the colour in her garden when I looked through the downstairs window…

Photo 28-10-2014 13 49 28

Photo 28-10-2014 13 07 47


Sumac was one of my Granny’s favourites and these come from her garden originally…Photo 28-10-2014 12 15 00

Photo 28-10-2014 12 14 05

Cheeks is very used to travelling and knows my Mum’s place well, but since the arrival of her own siamese a few years ago, Cheeks has always been more on edge there, although he loves to have a wonder round the garden as long as we’re with him…and someone has their eye on his arch enemy!Photo 28-10-2014 12 15 09

Photo 28-10-2014 14 19 57

Photo 28-10-2014 14 24 04

Crimson Glory…Photo 28-10-2014 14 24 31

Photo 28-10-2014 13 56 47Photo 28-10-2014 14 22 39

Photo 28-10-2014 14 11 42

Photo 28-10-2014 14 17 18

Photo 28-10-2014 13 50 25

Photo 28-10-2014 15 15 40

( Cheeks pretending to be relaxed here, whilst eyeballing the other cat! )

It was obviously irresistible not to have a quick arrange of colour on my mum’s table…the original table love of my life!

Photo 29-10-2014 10 50 51

4 thoughts on “Friday…

  1. kazzy

    Thats the true beauty of Autumn all those rich colours!… i love the indian style cushions and the comfy Siamese cat!… When I visit my mother in her Cornish cottage the first place i head to is her garden~ because of the more humid temps in the west country everything always seems so much more lush and green…though we get a lot of rain too!…The red and golden tones light up the lanes down here at the moment… cheers the rainy, blustery days 😉 xx

    1. 5ftinf Post author

      Cornwall even stays lighter for longer!! I’m lucky that I get down there a lot too…this morning I’d have rather have been in a less windy place! 😉

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