Open House and Pop Up Shop


Private View Invite Nov 2015
During May and November I take part in the Brighton Artists Open House exhibitions and this year’s Christmas Open House starts this weekend and is open the following weekend as well ( Nov 21st and 22nd and Nov 28th and 29th ) and you’re welcome to come to the breakfast Private View on the Saturday morning, just ahead of opening to the public…

I show my paintings, my vintage map lamps and lots of my 5ftinf goodies in my open house, but I also have some fantastic guest artists…

1. Christmas Open House Flyer ( front ) 2015and each year I create an installation in the shed…
2. Christmas Open House Flyer 2015 ( back )
I will also open for an extra day on Thursday 26th November 10am – 3pm, especially for instagrammers and bloggers…or anyone who’s interested in the social media side or photographic side of things so please e-mail me if you’d like to come along.

There is a Facebook page: and an Instagram account: if you’d like to see updates and more of the artwork, and there is also a page with details here


Please e-mail me if you’d like any further information on any events.