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Wednesday…Weekly Snaps

October 19, 2016

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photo-04-10-2016-12-06-17I’ve been completely distracted by getting my new 2017 Calendars and jigsaws in and forgot to post my Weekly Snaps…which are a 2 week batch anyway! ( You can read the post about them here )

Ever since I was little, I’ve always found Autumn really busy, beautiful and exciting; it’s almost like there’s too much to fit in!

…Anyway here’s the catch up!
photo-03-10-2016-12-42-10 photo-04-10-2016-09-44-40 photo-03-10-2016-15-50-26 photo-03-10-2016-15-49-13 photo-03-10-2016-16-06-07 photo-04-10-2016-11-21-14 photo-04-10-2016-10-33-43 photo-06-10-2016-09-29-11 photo-06-10-2016-11-59-04 photo-07-10-2016-12-53-52 photo-08-10-2016-09-00-21 photo-08-10-2016-11-08-19 photo-08-10-2016-13-28-17 photo-08-10-2016-14-15-55 photo-08-10-2016-17-18-52 photo-08-10-2016-14-18-28 photo-08-10-2016-14-20-08 photo-08-10-2016-14-20-53 photo-10-10-2016-12-43-37 photo-10-10-2016-12-40-29 photo-10-10-2016-16-55-05 photo-11-10-2016-08-48-26 photo-11-10-2016-08-55-12 photo-11-10-2016-11-26-17 photo-12-10-2016-16-28-52 photo-11-10-2016-08-59-21 photo-15-10-2016-17-28-53photo-11-10-2016-12-45-46 photo-12-10-2016-15-46-19 photo-14-10-2016-15-25-05 photo-15-10-2016-08-22-30My new calendars are in my shop here, and if you use the checkout code: 5FTINFAUTUMNALORDER you’ll receive a 10%

You can see the Steller Story of this post here

Sunday…with New 2017 Calendars and Shop Discount!

October 16, 2016

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My new 2017 calendars are here!!!

They are now ready to order and will be ready to ship at the end of October…

I decided it was time for a re-design, which I was really nervous about, but I needed to change things partly because the postage on my old long ones was always expensive because of their size, and also because I wanted the images to be square, and well, I basically need to shake things up a bit!

Each month comes with a sort of contemplative and seasonal creative triggers, for example May encourages you to ‘Smell flowers until the scent disappears…’ , July to ‘Water the plants and listen to the sound it makes’  and November to ‘Enjoy wearing a scarf and sitting still with a hot drink…. I wanted to connect art, nature and the senses throughout the year.

Also the actual calendar format has changed so that now there are squares instead of skinny lines, and there’s space at the bottom for spillover reminders, although at the back there are sections for notes and lists.

I have also been able to make them a bit cheaper than before, and until the end of October there is a 10% discount on all orders ( to be shipped at the end of October ) with checkout code: 5FTINFAUTUMNALORDER

Below are the images in the calendar, and you can ord them in my shop .

You can reach the calendars directly here

photo-09-10-2016-16-19-11 photo-09-10-2016-16-20-12 photo-09-10-2016-16-19-45

And the jigsaws have also arrived and come in 3 different designs this year…

photo-16-10-2016-16-06-38 photo-16-10-2016-16-55-48 photo-16-10-2016-17-06-10 photo-16-10-2016-17-18-22

So don’t forget the 10% discount code: 5FTINFAUTUMNALORDER at the end of your order as it only lasts until October 31st!photo-16-10-2016-16-33-56




Tuesday…with Viva Brighton and a *Summer Sale*

July 12, 2016

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Photo 12-07-2016, 11 22 34

I was asked a few months ago if I would like to design a cover for Brighton’s beautiful magazine ‘VIVA’. I love the publication so was really excited about creating something for them, and this month it al came to fruition! The theme was ‘Holiday at Home’ and you can read the article about it if you click on the magazine here

So I thought it would be a nice idea to tie in a ‘Summer Sale’ with my cover design coming out, offering a 50% discount in my Big Cartel shop on a selection of limited edition, signed prints in 2 different sizes, which will last until July 31st. ( and you can also use it on my paintings for that time too ), so make sure at the checkout you enter the code: 5FTINFSUMMERSALE50

All the prints available for the discount are now listed, but please just ask me if you need to ask anything, and here’s a selection of some of the images available.

Purple arrangement Photo 05-04-2016, 12 51 19 Vintage Cards IMG_8208 4. april Brighton colourful maps. 1 x large size and 2 x small size 3 March Colourful Ingredients. 2 x small size Maroon arrangement . 2 x small size Photo 12-07-2016, 12 01 05 Photo 12-07-2016, 10 30 45 Photo 12-07-2016, 11 14 05You can visit my shop by clicking here

Tuesday…with a Winter Art Sale

February 2, 2016

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Photo 02-02-2016, 11 04 17 Some days time just seems to bend and warp into different dimensions and no matter how organised my list is, time just leaps ahead of me and distraction and displacement rules…Photo 02-02-2016, 11 14 03 Photo 02-02-2016, 11 15 18 Photo 02-02-2016, 13 16 34Photo 02-02-2016, 11 24 38

So, today I was organising some of my paintings, as I really like to start new pieces in March, and that precipitated the idea of a Winter Art Sale…

Photo 02-02-2016, 11 36 57 Photo 14-01-2016, 13 41 09 Photo 02-02-2016, 11 48 34Photo 02-02-2016, 11 50 17

I’ve put a few paintings in my shop and will be offering a 25% discount until March 6th with the code: 5FTINFwintersale 

…and now I have tidy up the day’s distractions!

Photo 02-02-2016, 12 12 33

New Workshop Dates for 2016…( + a 25% shop discount! )

January 9, 2016

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Photo 29-06-2015 16 02 45Over the last week, I’ve been putting dates and ideas together for new workshops for 2016. I have 4 workshops now available at , 2 of them are my flat lay and colour based workshops, but I’ve also decided that I’ll start running a few synaesthesia painting workshops along with the more floral/photographic based ones, as painting is basically where I started ( you can see some of my work here ). The first one of these will be on 27th February.

1.Synaesthesia workshop 2016

My signature style workshops will happen at home in Brighton over the year, and the first two will take place in March, ( these March workshop tickets are now on sale ). There will also be some retreat workshops during the Summer and Autumn and which I will be able to release tickets for next month.

March Workshop 2016

The first workshop of the year though, will take place at the Arlo & Jacob showroom in London ( a fantastic former ice cream factory! ) on Saturday February 6th and will be a sort of taster of how we can create Japanese Ikebana style arrangements using seasonal flowers, sticks, ceramics as well as vintage props to help with the photographic element.

ikebana Workshop 2016

I visited Arlo & Jacob last year, so here are a few photos of the beautiful, light and very comfortable space…

IMG_5752 This will be a workshop where you’ll feel encouraged to play with shapes and space, but also take time to quietly reflect on how the process of arranging can be a grounding and meditative process…

( you can see my ikebana Pinterest board here )IMG_5758 IMG_5745 IMG_5764 IMG_5747 IMG_5733 IMG_5771 IMG_5750

I love the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, so I’ll be trying to encourage you to love and incorporate accidents, and work with what nature gives rather than what you want it to do…

( you can also have a look at my wabi sabi Pinterest board here )

I’m really looking forward to working within the Japanese style with people, as it’s something that is very important to me and my work…and also as my Granny qualified as an Ikebana practitioner in the 1960’s and we will be using some of her original ceramics.


You can find more details about my workshops here and please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions about anything…really looking forward to meeting more of you this year!
Photo 11-01-2016, 13 25 07Also I’m just starting a January sale in my shop, with Checkout code: 5FTINFJANSALE which will give you 25% off when you order 2 or more calendars. I don’t have a huge quantity of the calendars left, so this discount will run until they have all been sold.

Photo 07-01-2016, 10 28 57

Thursday…with a Garden Catch up ( and a Colour Code discount! )

November 26, 2015

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Photo 26-11-2015, 09 32 53So, after loads and loads of rain over the past few weeks I decided to have a look around my forlorn garden…there’s loads going on; growing and hibernating, but I feel like I’ve neglected things for a couple of weeks and I needed to re-aquaint myself with the Wintry tasks ahead…
Photo 26-11-2015, 14 40 00 Succulents and echiums doing well…but looking scraggy and needing a tidy…Photo 26-11-2015, 14 40 12…Action Man unfazed by the recent cold snap! Photo 26-11-2015, 14 40 31 the Virginia creeper and perennial peas looking sharp for becoming wreath components…Photo 26-11-2015, 14 40 41 Photo 26-11-2015, 14 41 13 …rogue calendula and pineapple sage flowersPhoto 26-11-2015, 14 41 34 …and expectant coniferPhoto 26-11-2015, 14 41 43 Photo 26-11-2015, 14 41 50 …sedums from the florist in the Autumn, stuck in the ground and multiplying…Photo 26-11-2015, 14 41 59 …and the whole school of nasturtiums destroyed by the frost last Saturday morning…Photo 26-11-2015, 14 42 21 Photo 26-11-2015, 14 42 29 ( the messiest end of the garden! )Photo 26-11-2015, 14 43 10 …the last shasta daisyPhoto 26-11-2015, 14 43 30 Photo 26-11-2015, 14 43 38

So, although the garden is looking a bit bleak, I thought I’d offer a ‘ Colourful Thursday ‘ discount code for my shop which will last a week…I feel a bit odd about the ‘Black Friday’ madness, so thought I’d branch off in my own weekday way…

You can use the 15% discount code at the Checkout, and you just enter: 5FTINFCOLOUR

Photo 26-11-2015, 14 15 21P.S the yellow achilea in the photo above are the exact same pieces I picked 2 and half months ago, as the ones you can just see on the corner of the wrapping paper!