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Monday…with pop ups and perfume

October 26, 2015

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imageOrganising things in colour and making copious amounts of lists ( black ink with red crossing out…) helps me manage my time, my brain and everything else really!

At the moment I have lots of different projects occupying my head, which is great creatively, but also sometimes it all becomes one big arrangement of abstract colour and amorphous shape…hard to explain; even harder to sort out, which is why colour really helps me…( the arrangement above was a sort of calming down exercise, and the cup of tea just out of shot also helped! )

So I thought I’d better put a post together including quite a few of the bits and pieces that are about to happen over the next couple of months…West Elm Pop Up e-flyer

One of the most exciting things is that I’ll be curating and exhibiting in a Pop Up shop at West Elm in London over the weekend of the 14th and 15th November, and it would be really lovely to be able to meet some of you there if you can make it ( there’s a Facebook event page here  )

It’s going to be a bit like taking my Brighton Open House on tour, as lots of my regular guest artists will be exhibiting and selling their beautiful handmade work and paintings as well.

To give you a taste of the sort of things which will be there you can check out all the amazing work of the artists taking part here:

Me ( Philippa Stanton…paintings and 5ftinf ), Holly Bell ( ceramics ), Sophie Abbott ( paintings ), Mibo ( paper animals and textiles ), Tiki Brighton ( contemporary resin jewellery ), Holly M ( leather accesories ), Shyama Ruffell ( paintings and butterfly boxes )

These artists will also be exhibiting their work, along with Emma Herian, Charlotte Jones, Sushou Candles, Tilly2Milly and Peggy Poppleton, in my own home at my Christmas Open House in Brighton during the 2 weekends after, so you can get a sense of how you’ll be able to stock up with handmade Christmas goodies both in London and the South Coast from the flyer below, as well as visit a new Christmas shed installation. ( there’s an IG account for the house here )

There will also be a new shed installation which has a working title of  ‘Ice Pops’ ( stay tuned on IG with the hashtag #5ftinfshed as it takes shape over the next few weeks )

And the flyers arrived this morning!

image( here it is so you can read it… )
Christmas Open House Flyer ( front ) 2015 2. Christmas Open House Flyer 2015 ( back ) I’m also running a practical synaesthesia painting workshop for The Perfume Society this week on the 29th October ( you can read more about it here ), working with Illuminum London fragrances, as well as having created the front cover for this month’s Scented Letter.SL12CoverWidget2There is also a new date for a Grimms inspired small wreath making workshop in the rooftop wigwam at The Queen of Hoxton on Sat 12th December, 2 – 4:30pm…which includes a free cocktail in the ticket price! . ( You can book a ticket for £45 and read more info  here )Queen of Hoxton blog image

So now I have to finish the large canvas I’m currently working on…I hope it dries in time!

imageP.S Only 6 days left on the 20% discount with Checkout code: CALENDAR2016 in my shop here

Wednesday…with garden and a Pop Up

May 13, 2015

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image I’m always determined to get the most use out of flowers even if they seem past it, so this morning I was utilising the severely wilted hydrangeas I bought last week, which I’d hoped would last much longer to put together some images for the 5ftinf Pop Up which will be part of the Brighton Fringe for this weekend.

Some of the flowers here I’ve had for nearly 3 weeks, and some of them are now destined for the bin…

image …but not before they have completely exhausted their purpose!image …I also like to mix in things from the garden like this golden marjoram, seed heads from grape hyacinths, dog rose leaves, oxalis and forget – me – nots…image image …the real remnants must be wept away!!image But the garden at the moment is really coming alive with the chives about to flower and the heuchera really putting some energy into everything…image …but I’m really excited about these Oriental Poppies which will probably flower by next week…image I’ve also moved the succulents near to Frances Doherty’s sculpture, and putting them in a copper trough seems to have kept the snails and slugs away for the time being… image Love these poppies with the blue spruce…imageThe fennel is doing well and I think the campanula may flower next week too, so this area will be completely blue!image …I love how this ceramic sculpture make the lacecap hydrangea actually look like it’s flowering already…image …and the Giant Echium’s final journey has begun…image …as it has at long last started to produce flowersimage…and hopefully these 2 will take up the baton for next yearimage And my first Arum Lily!

Not massively impressive I know; it’s been a bit battered by the winter, but I’m hopeful now that there could be more to come…image…and this is the first flowering aqueligea from  one of the plants I rescued from the tip last year…
image image The Ceonothus is now actually planted in the ground by the shed, rather than in the pot which kept blowing over…image …and the first of some wild carrot amongst the honeysuckle, whose seeds I scattered all over the garden last Autumn…image So there were 2 happy beings in the sunny garden this morning, and fingers crossed it stays sunny over the weekend for the Pop Up and Open House!image

Tuesday…with Insta presents!

May 12, 2015

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Sometimes when people visit the  Open House they turn up with a present!!

I sort of think it’s amazing that they have shown up at all, and so then to produce a gift completely takes me by surprise…

So I just thought I’d share the generosity of some lovely people I’ve met via Instagram… and who seem to know exactly what I like…

Firstly, the image above contains some beautifully smelling Sweet Peas which were brought round by Jess ( that’s @miss_jess on Instagram or @MissUnderground ) on Friday and which are still going strong, but there’s also that tin…

imageThis was brought round by artist Willem ( @willemscrawler ) and I was so chuffed as I knew exactly where it was going to live in my shed installation the moment I saw it…

imageBut there was even more joy when I opened it up, as Willem had filled it with all this!

imageHow brilliant is that camel picture!

( I have to add at this point that Willem once before brought round a present which is now one of my treasured possessions… )


…and that photo in the background ( which is one of the very few I’ve ever been happy with! ) was taken by Chika @shewhoeats on a visit a couple of years ago…image

So I had new things to add to the installation…

image image…and then Davorka ( aka @tilly2milly on Instagram ) brought me one of her girls…and she was a gardening girl!!image


( …she’s actually been housed in a place no one has discovered inside the shed yet! )

Davorka also brought me one of my absolute favourite things for the blue section…


And although this last gift, ( a King Penguin on flowers from my county East Sussex, here in Brighton ) was given to me back in February by the lovely Cristina, @c_colli on Instagram, I’ve just been waiting for it to come into season!

imageSo, I felt very grateful this week to Instagram and all the people I’ve met through it, not just for their presents, but for their genuine presence in my life…


Tuesday…with giant echiums and ceramics

May 5, 2015

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imageLast week was a bit full on…I was organising the final stages of the Open House exhibition which started here at home over the weekend and will run for another 3 weekends here in Brighton…

So yesterday potting up giant echium ( or echium pininana ) seedlings felt like a bit of time out…
image Last year, the giant echium in the garden caused quite a stir…there was no frost that winter and it had flowered quite early and felt like I had a living sculpture in the garden… and although I didn’t know it at the time, had already started to inspire another artist…GardenOver this winter, which was harder than the one before, I really tried to protect the echium plants which had yet to flower, as I really wanted them to flower in May…image ( I actually kept this one which was a seedling last year, in the shed, in a pot, throughout the winter which seems to have saved it )imageI had big hopes for all of these…I had imagined 4 giant echiums as an impressive showpiece…image…propping them up and wrapping them up throughout the snow and frost…image…but the frost got into the top of this one, and although it’s trying so hard to be productive it will be nothing like the size I had hoped for by the size of it’s stem…imageimage …however, one of them is certainly making strides, but probably won’t flower for another couple of weeks…image…if I look after these 2 this winter, they will flower next year…image …and this one was doing fine, until something attacked the top…it was probably caterpillars which is so annoying, but also it’s those same caterpillars which have brought blue tits into the garden for the first time since I’ve lived here ( which is 15 years tomorrow! )

And here is an early seedling from last Summer…again if I look after it throughout the cold months, it will flower in the same spot as last year’s mammoth purple spire…imageSo, this year I wanted to pot up seedlings and really care for them early on, so that if anyone showed interest in the plant they could have one to take home…

…last weekend there were no seedlings to be seen and I was a bit disappointed, but yesterday they were there and I dug up and potted over 120!imageAt first they were quite tricky to find, and there is a similarity in look in the early stages, to forget-me-not seedlings…image…but the echiums have a slightly more pointed second leaf, are slightly spotty and slightly more furry…imageGiant Echium seedling…imageForget-Me-Not seedling…imageimageAs part of the Open House this year I had asked ceramic artist Frances Doherty to show her work in the garden, which you’ve probably already spotted…

…and this was one of the pieces she brought round last week; a giant, ceramic echium pininana, which she had created with metal artists Alan Williams...

It is such a show piece and quite a wonderful thing to have at home, especially as it was the plant in the back garden last year which had inspired its creation…
imageFran’s other pieces are just as fantastic and I’d basically like them all to live here…imageimageimage I love that these ceramic lace cap hydrangeas are placed right next to the living ones…just on the right in this picture, but are not yet in flower…image…and the shed has become a real retreat too, now that it’s had it’s May makeover, and I’m having a go at bringing a lot more colour into the garden this year too…

I’ve also decided to hold a sort of social media open day this Friday if you’d like to come along to see the exhibition, shed ( and table, even! ).

It gets quite busy at the Open House weekends and I thought it would be a nice idea to just give over time to people who love to take photographs and not to feel constricted in any way by other people around not taking photos…let’s face it, for all of us on Instagram and have blogs, it’s very liberating to be encouraged and actually told we can take photos!

You can turn up any time between 10am and 5pm, but it would be lovely if you could let me know if you’d like to come…3. IG PV Invite May 2015
So, although I’m still quite tired from everything last week, I am slowly girding myself for even more Brighton Festival arty pursuits, as I will be holding a 5ftinf Pop-Up Shop as part of the Brighton Fringe at Vine Street Vintage in the North Laines in Brighton in a couple of weeks…so it’s going to be really important to find more quiet moments with a cup of tea and a bit of gardening…image