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Wednesday…Weekly Snaps

October 19, 2016

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photo-04-10-2016-12-06-17I’ve been completely distracted by getting my new 2017 Calendars and jigsaws in and forgot to post my Weekly Snaps…which are a 2 week batch anyway! ( You can read the post about them here )

Ever since I was little, I’ve always found Autumn really busy, beautiful and exciting; it’s almost like there’s too much to fit in!

…Anyway here’s the catch up!
photo-03-10-2016-12-42-10 photo-04-10-2016-09-44-40 photo-03-10-2016-15-50-26 photo-03-10-2016-15-49-13 photo-03-10-2016-16-06-07 photo-04-10-2016-11-21-14 photo-04-10-2016-10-33-43 photo-06-10-2016-09-29-11 photo-06-10-2016-11-59-04 photo-07-10-2016-12-53-52 photo-08-10-2016-09-00-21 photo-08-10-2016-11-08-19 photo-08-10-2016-13-28-17 photo-08-10-2016-14-15-55 photo-08-10-2016-17-18-52 photo-08-10-2016-14-18-28 photo-08-10-2016-14-20-08 photo-08-10-2016-14-20-53 photo-10-10-2016-12-43-37 photo-10-10-2016-12-40-29 photo-10-10-2016-16-55-05 photo-11-10-2016-08-48-26 photo-11-10-2016-08-55-12 photo-11-10-2016-11-26-17 photo-12-10-2016-16-28-52 photo-11-10-2016-08-59-21 photo-15-10-2016-17-28-53photo-11-10-2016-12-45-46 photo-12-10-2016-15-46-19 photo-14-10-2016-15-25-05 photo-15-10-2016-08-22-30My new calendars are in my shop here, and if you use the checkout code: 5FTINFAUTUMNALORDER you’ll receive a 10%

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Saturday…with Autumn leaves and flowers

October 15, 2016

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photo-15-10-2016-08-47-17 For about a week or so every October, just before the frosts, wind and rain, my Virginia Creeper literally makes my garden glow, and the late flowering nasturtiums are such a welcome compliment of colour…I love how each flower has its own personality, and I always get more new colours with every year.

The first frost and one windy day will demolish all this vibrancy and I will then have to brace myself for Winter…hopefully there will be a few weeks before photo-15-10-2016-08-42-46 photo-15-10-2016-08-45-23 photo-15-10-2016-08-44-14 photo-15-10-2016-08-22-30 photo-14-10-2016-15-25-05 photo-15-10-2016-08-39-25 photo-15-10-2016-08-40-49 photo-15-10-2016-08-30-17 photo-15-10-2016-12-44-59 photo-15-10-2016-08-30-51 photo-15-10-2016-08-33-40 photo-15-10-2016-08-34-18 photo-15-10-2016-08-34-54 photo-15-10-2016-08-35-07 photo-15-10-2016-08-35-52 photo-15-10-2016-08-36-24 photo-15-10-2016-08-36-52 photo-15-10-2016-08-37-50 photo-15-10-2016-08-38-17 photo-15-10-2016-08-42-03 photo-15-10-2016-08-42-25

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Wednesday…Garden Table Trail

October 5, 2016

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photo-04-10-2016-10-45-05Amongst other things, I had an old artichoke, a couple of fading figs and some pink snowberries…
photo-04-10-2016-09-39-01Having eaten my boiled egg breakfast, I felt I needed more inspiration and realised that I hadn’t had a proper contemplative look around the garden for a while…so I did!photo-04-10-2016-09-39-53Autumn is taking hold at the moment not only with colour but also with it’s natural mess; the drying out, the fading, the scattering, the seeding…and just it’s general sense of slowing down and knitted textures…photo-04-10-2016-09-36-43 photo-04-10-2016-09-36-22 photo-04-10-2016-09-37-09 photo-04-10-2016-09-38-20 photo-04-10-2016-09-40-18 photo-04-10-2016-09-41-00 photo-04-10-2016-09-41-45 photo-04-10-2016-09-42-10 photo-04-10-2016-09-43-13 photo-04-10-2016-09-44-40 photo-04-10-2016-09-46-03photo-04-10-2016-09-49-55 photo-04-10-2016-09-49-43 photo-04-10-2016-10-06-05 photo-04-10-2016-10-09-06 photo-04-10-2016-10-23-04 photo-04-10-2016-10-33-43 photo-04-10-2016-11-21-14 photo-04-10-2016-12-06-17

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Thursday… with early Autumn

September 1, 2016

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Photo 01-09-2016, 10 53 18I’ve been desperate for September to arrive so that I can talk about Autumn and the wonderful sense of change it brings: it’s smells, it’s colours, it’s light, it’s sounds, without feeling like I’m betraying Summer (…I’ve always felt a bit guilty that August is my least favourite month of the year! )

This morning I tried a new cycling route which was so beautiful; passing fields, flocks of little sparrows taking off from hedgerows, tractors in the distance, brown seed heads alongside greenery, a golden edge to the light and soft bird song…

The ride, with the season softly soaking up the countryside inspired me to create something at home…Photo 01-09-2016, 08 48 30 Photo 01-09-2016, 08 56 41 Photo 01-09-2016, 09 05 44 I had picked a couple of thistles and some of the brown seeds above ( I’m not sure what they are ), but I wanted to recreate the feeling with plants from my own garden…Photo 01-09-2016, 11 32 56 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 29 57 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 34 29 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 26 12 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 35 16 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 25 08 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 38 17 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 24 16 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 23 37 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 23 28 I got a bit distracted by tidying up my scruffy window boxes…Photo 01-09-2016, 11 22 28 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 23 19 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 52 46 Photo 01-09-2016, 11 52 34 I like them looking a bit wild, but they definitely needed a sort out, so I added succulents I’ve been growing in pots and some white cyclamen…Photo 01-09-2016, 11 55 32 Photo 01-09-2016, 12 10 51 Photo 01-09-2016, 12 49 06 Photo 01-09-2016, 12 01 22 Photo 01-09-2016, 12 49 58 …and so to the arrangementPhoto 01-09-2016, 10 55 54 ( I had also found 3 conkers on the side of the road from my ride when I was nearly home )Photo 01-09-2016, 10 55 17 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 55 24 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 55 47 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 55 05 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 54 54 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 54 15 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 47 34 Photo 01-09-2016, 10 54 04

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Monday…with garden growth

June 6, 2016

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image image A & E table with half eaten dahlia, recovering verbascum seedling, some mystery plant I’ve rooted which my mum gave me, a giant echium seedling and some lily of the valley bulging seed heads…imageThe Campanula has just come out over the last few days as well as the red hot pokers emerging in front of my new irises…image redcurrents in their greens…image hollyhock parent of the few seedlings I’m trying to nurture…image imageI cut back so much of the Virginia creeper, rose bush and ivy this weekend revealing this rose which opened today…image imageI reckon the day lilies will probably open in about a week and a half…
image sage, wallflowers and aquilegia…imageimage

Monday…with garden progress

May 9, 2016

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Photo 09-05-2016, 14 02 56Over the last couple of weeks the garden has transformed…everything has woken up after such a cold early Spring…Photo 03-05-2016, 17 59 00 I managed to keep a lot of the succulents out of the frost and now I have to try and keep the snails and slugs away…Photo 03-05-2016, 18 13 45 The sage is in bud and this seemed to literally happen in days…Photo 03-05-2016, 17 48 54 this is my favourite patch where each year I move things around and try and create texture, colour and height combinations…Photo 09-05-2016, 14 31 13 Photo 09-05-2016, 14 31 26 I have Spanish bluebells, not like the sweet woodland ones, and I really have to manage them each year; digging up loads of the bulbs, otherwise they would completely take over and choke loads of the other plants…Photo 23-04-2016, 16 45 34 This was my echium just over a week ago and on the right, the poor one which got blown down in the high winds and which I desperately tried to save with no luck. I had to dig it up and saw it into sections, but I have kept the top half in water just in case I can save some of its buds…Photo 23-04-2016, 16 42 41 Photo 23-04-2016, 16 41 55 …before it completely snapped from its root

Thankfully I have this one as well which is growing at a crazy rate at the moment…Photo 09-05-2016, 14 34 23this is a cluster of quaking grass which I adore, so I let it pop up all over the place…Photo 23-04-2016, 16 47 21…and a mini giant echium in a more shady spotPhoto 09-05-2016, 14 34 55I found this today…a really pretty looking umbellifer, but one which I fear is hemlock, so I dug it out. I find it really difficult to tell the difference between the highly poisonous hemlock and wild carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace, but apparently wild carrot flowers later in the Summer and this is the prime time for hemlock flowers…will have to keep my eyes peeled in the garden. Funny thing is I think it got there because I had loads of it in arrangements in the house this time last year!!Photo 09-05-2016, 14 35 11Photo 03-05-2016, 18 13 32 baby succulents, common hogweed and hollyhocks..Photo 23-04-2016, 17 03 26I found what I think is toad spawn in a shallow dish at the bottom of the garden, so I transferred it to this deeper old enamel bowl which I found in the garden when I moved here 15 years ago…Photo 23-04-2016, 17 07 32 These cowslips originated from my Great Uncle’s farm, probably in the 1960’s. His wife was my Granny’s sister and she gave my Granny some for her garden, and then my Granny gave some or those original ones to my mum in the mid 1980’s. Each time we moved house my mum would make sure she took a section of the cowslips, and then a few years ago she gave me some from her current garden…hopefully I’ll still have some to give to my son…when he’s interested!Photo 23-04-2016, 16 46 38 Photo 23-04-2016, 16 43 13 the aquilegia has shot up and flowered in a week…Photo 09-05-2016, 14 33 40 The Granny poppies are well on their way…Photo 09-05-2016, 14 33 11 …and the miniature lilac has started to flowerPhoto 09-05-2016, 14 32 15Photo 23-04-2016, 16 51 31 …this was my one and only tulip this year. Hopefully more will come back next yearPhoto 09-05-2016, 14 34 36 Photo 09-05-2016, 14 31 42 Photo 09-05-2016, 14 31 59 Photo 23-04-2016, 16 50 29 Photo 09-05-2016, 11 08 58

Photo 09-05-2016, 14 30 47I haven’t been sure what this umbellifer was until today. It’s been growing like mad and makes opening the shed door very tricky.

I thought it was common hogweed but it’s leaves were shinier, and then when I cut some today I realised it had quite a pleasant smell, so I looked it up, and it’s common name is ‘Alexanders’ or  ‘Black Loveage’ or even Smyrnium olusatrum…I think it may have travelled back from Cornwall with me accidentally as I don’t remember seeding one, but I love that it’s been a bit of surprise…and apparently you can eat it!
Photo 09-05-2016, 14 29 52 It’s apparently related to celery, so I thought I’d make a dandelion and loveage sald…Photo 09-05-2016, 17 44 53 Photo 09-05-2016, 17 45 22 Photo 09-05-2016, 17 46 41 Photo 09-05-2016, 17 46 03 I was a bit nervous about eating something I’d only just discovered, and I would love to say it was amazing, but it wasn’t massively flavoursome and the dandelions were quite bitter…however I like that it’s edible and I did really enjoy the flowers…more of a brocolli texture,  and who knows, it’s probably a bit better with dips!Photo 09-05-2016, 18 16 42