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Wednesday…with pebbles

January 21, 2015

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I have a pretty small house which always benefits from doors being open; it kind of gives me more of a sense of space…

I like keeping the open with unusual objects rather than a normal old door stop…

I also am someone who develops piles of paper; receipts, bills, cards etc, so it’s useful to have something practical to keep them all together in their tatty piles!

Hence these paperweights and doorstops…

I always have loads of vintage map scraps, as I make lampshades ( some will be coming soon to my etsy shop again )  and I find it difficult to simply throw them away…


I also find it hard not to bring pebbles back from the beach, but they often dry out and become less exciting than when I’d first spotted them…


I also rather feel for those pebbles that don’t get chosen…and it’s these pebbles I use, and even choose for a make-over!

image image image image image image It’s basically like wrapping an odd shaped present, but instead of using tape, you use lots of pva glue, and keep snipping away at bits you don’t need ( the less paper the better ); smoothing the glue and paper all the time with your your hands ( you have to be prepared to get messy! )image image This one is a new door stop…image image image image imageand this is a pebble I used to live on…imageand this is a paperweight to help me with my tax!

( You can see my Steller version here )

Thursday…with workshop news!

January 15, 2015

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imageIt’s been a week of dark light here ( this was taken in a moment of brief brightness! ), but I’ve been organising and sorting and have spent time in the garden and the shed having a big clear up…I haven’t yet made it to the loft!

( this is my cunning new fan heater for the shed btw…no chimney pipe needed; only a cable!! )image

I’ve also been organising new dates for workshops…( some of the details are still being finalised for the March one ) but I will be doing a short ‘Valentine’ workshop at West Elm in London on Sat Feb 14th which I’m really excited about as it’s such a brilliant location and they’re a wonderfully creative team there ( I’m also really chuffed to be featured on their blog as one of their 2015 Instagrammers to follow! )

I wanted to be able to give people a chance to not only make some simple, quick floral garlands, fascinators or buttonholes, but also be able to document the process…you never know how beautiful something can turn out when it’s not planned… and something that’s not even the ‘end product’.

These are some of my process shots from the ideas I’ve been playing with for the Valentine workshop ( I’m glad I could at last make use of some of my Dad’s old electrical wire…as well as the ever useful floristry wire! )
image image image image image image image imageI also wanted to play with some traditional millinary accesories to then inspire me to look for similar shapes in plants…image image image image image image image

You can also see my Steller story of the garlands here

I like bringing my own vintage props to workshops, but I’m also excited about the fact that we’ll be able to use any West Elm bits and pieces we fancy as props… as well as free refreshments!

I had a bit of a recce at the store on Tuesday, and took a few reference photos…I seem to be really drawn to yellows and blues at the moment; maybe the vibrancy of Christmas greens and reds is needing to be balanced out in my head…image image image imageimageimage


I also thought I’d just share with you my ‘big pie’ ,as I’m catching up with the week here a little…

I had stayed in the garden far too long on Sunday; until it was pretty dark and I smelt massively of bonfires…

( I always dig the ash back into the soil, by the way, as it really helps with drainage…)

image so a steak and ale pie seemed the only thing to be done!image

If you’d like to come to the West Elm workshop, do book a place would be lovely to meet some more of you!

Valentine workshop 2

Friday…with Natural Fascinators

December 12, 2014

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image When I was making mini wreathes the other night, I ran out of wire at one point, so started to play around with the Virginia Creeper twigs making impromptu fascinators, so I though I’d make some for myself and share the idea!


Twigs from a creeper are ideal as they are still bendy, vary in length…and have a mind of their own!image image As with the mini wreathes yesterday, wire is the magic ingredient…image when you hit upon a shape ( and just let it happen, rather than forcing anything )…secure it with some wire…image image add a select few berries and blossoms…image …and then attach to a hair band ( I’m pretty sure you could also use a small hair comb )image attach it so that when you wear the band, the fascinator itself stays at a jaunty angle…imageimage I’ve always loved mini hats and fascinators, and love those incredible 1930’s hats you see in films like ‘The Women’ ( if you click on that link please watch the trailer; there’s an amazing hat in virtually every shot! ), so I think that’s probably where my inspiration here stems from…image …and obviously I couldn’t just stop at one!


They really are quite simple to put together, and I made each of these in under 10 mins, so if you’re going to a Christmas ‘do’ this week, maybe try a new style of party hat!image