How do you say ‘5ftinf’?

Five Foot Inf

What does 5ftinf mean?

Well, there’s not much to tell really, but the name did involve having to make a very quick decision, my height and Charles’ Dicken’s Infant Phenomenon  

( You can see my Infant, here…I’m the small one in a white dress, twirling around at the end! )

Can I send you something to put on your table?

I like to try and keep The Table an inspirational one, rather a promotional one, and I also really enjoy finding my own little props. However, I do work with companies and use my table as the ‘canvas’. These commissioned opportunities allow me to continue to be able to work as an artist as well as creating a table still life to a brief.

If you want to send me a gift, I’m always incredibly flattered, but I can’t guarantee that it will appear on The Table or be linked to your business.

Are the Flowers all from your garden?

Mostly, yes…I really try to utilise everything I grow, to work even dead leaves into arrangements, and during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn I barely buy any flowers. However, I struggle in the Winter and it’s the season where trips to the wholesale florist bring much needed nature and colour into the darker days. I also like finding bits and pieces out on walks; from the pavement, grass verges and even sometimes the tip! My garden is only small, but I really enjoy gleaning as much beauty and colour from it as I can.

What camera do you use?

Virtually all the photos you see here and on Instagram are taken with my iphone 5, mostly using Instagram filters and tools, although I occasionally use the VSCO and Afterlight apps. I do have a DSLR but I find it much harder to use and not as immediate. Having brought up a child on my own, time has always been a defining factor to my creativity…I have learned to be quick, take a risk on a shot that I know may not work, and if I take too much time I then completely miss the moment; the iphone suits this perfectly for me, and it’s small size and handyness takes away the intimidation I have often felt towards ‘proper’ cameras and photography.

What is Synaesthesia?


Can I commission a painting from you?

Of course…( As long as you don’t ask me to paint it in colours which will go with your sofa! ). When I take a commission, it’s always on the understanding that I am being commissioning to paint in my own way; that I am creating a piece of  art, rather than a piece of matching furniture.

Commissioning a photograph is different and I am very happy to work with a specifically coloured theme.

Is your life real?

Yes…but I choose to edit out the piles of washing, the tub of un-ironed clothes, my son’s emptied out school bag on a chair, and overly dusty corners. More often than not I don’t have time to make my home pristine, especially when I’m painting or creating something. Taking a photograph of an element of calm, a corner of beauty or a table full of colour, makes me relax and meditate on not having everything perfect. I aspire to always have my home beautiful, and sometimes that all comes together…but other times it just comes together on The Table.