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Consciously Creative is a 6 week online course designed to help you develop your creativity in a type of online art class.
Over the 6 weeks there will be homework and creative tasks which will encourage you to experiment and experience ways of working and looking which may feel out of your comfort zone but which will allow you to be more open to different inspirations and techniques.

I want the course to feel personal so I will be demonstrating and chatting live each week for an hour via the private course instagram account and will try to answer any questions which may arise. The course will also have a limited number of places so that I can maintain that personal input.

I will be working primarily with my iphone; creating work through photographs, but if you prefer to work with paper, pencil and paint,for example, that would be perfectly ok too. However it would still be good to create a photographic document of your process and work throughout the course as it’s good to share and receive feedback even if it’s nerve wracking.

The course is meant to help you identify how you can develop your own daily practice of creating…it’s meant to inspire that creative impetus rather than tell you exactly how to do it. It’s about being inspired to do your own thing; follow your own path; taking away the pressure of having ‘clickable’ content, and by the end of the course I would hope that you would feel more confident about your own ways of seeing and doing or at least have a firmer starting point. I will encourage you to also start a personal project which will serve as a spark and act as an anchor, or even a hobby, for much more work to come.

I will e-mail you a plan of each week’s topic and homework a day before the class, as a pdf, and also invite you to the week’s private Pinterest board of inspiration ( eg: there will be a board of texture in Week 2 and then a board of colour in Week 3 ) and each week I will set homework projects relating to what we talk about during the class. I will also share some of your weekly discoveries in the first section of the following 5 lessons.

You can upload your photos of course related images onto the private instagram account, as well as charting some of your process in the Stories section as this is a good ‘sketchbook’ facility with more of an emphasis on rough ‘workings out’. I would also encourage you to open an extra private instagram account, just for yourself, so you can really feel at ease with experimental posting…( unless you’re happy to use your standard account of course ) as well as your own Pinterest boards relating to each week’s topics. There will also be a private Facebook Group where we can all drop in whenever we like and share images, thoughts, questions etc, and I will also post the Live class from each week in there.

Before the course begins I will provide you with a list of useful editing apps which I personally use, and each week I will suggest other inspirational Instagram accounts, artists, books and films which you may find interesting, helpful and relevant to the week’s topic.

Week 1:
Introduction to a Way of Working
One of the main elements of how we will work is to focus on deep observation and hopefully slightly alter or shift your way of seeing and looking at things.
I will try and help you increase your sense and recognition of natural symmetry, colour coordination and composition.
I will steer clear of ‘styling’ and too much considered manipulation which can definitely create a sense of beauty but often lacks a deeper meaning or atmosphere.

We will cover aesthetics of texture, how important it is not to overlook it and how useful considering the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi can be.

We will focus on colour and how to develop a greater sense of the life of colours as well as learning how to identify and sense them in far more places than you thought. We will forage for domestic colours, look at colour wheels as well as noting how natural lighting can aslo impact on colour.

Mood and Atmosphere
We will look at how we can add a further sense of atmosphere into your images…trying to enhance the way you ‘feel’ about something and how that leads onto the way you develop your editing skills. I will also create tutorials for making a very simple film and stop frame animation.

WEEk 5:
Having focused on detailed elements in the previous weeks, we will now look at composition, focusing on a natural, organic style which I personally use, as well as some universal tips for points of focus, symmetry and asymmetry etc.
I will encourage you to work with any of the elements from the previous weeks which appeal to you as well as trying to include others which may have proved harder to connect with.
We will work out how you can feel more confident about what you want to say within an image.

Conclusion, continuing practice, re-cap and play
We’ll talk about everything we’ve covered over the last 5 weeks and work out which ones feel more natural or easy, which ones perhaps need more attention, which make you feel happy and which maybe make you feel at a loss. It’s important to feel that you will be able to carry on experimenting and being open, so starting a personal project in this last week will definitely be a benefit to developing your continuing practice.
I will work out a loose worksheet which you can print out as a creative stimulus and hopefully you will feel more equipped to create a continuing creative visual sense or response to who you are and how you see the world around you.

The course costs £300 and  will launch on September 1st 2017 and you will be able to buy your place via my 5ftinf shop ( you can have a look at the ‘Coming Soon’ listing here ) so if you already know you’d like to be included on the course or want to be notified just prior to the launch date please send me an e-mail via the form below as there will be an Earlybird discount if I have your e-mail.

You can also view the course trailer here

I’ve been self employed for over 20 years and have been working as a creative artist for over 17 of them…many of those years really didn’t feel very fruitful at all, but all of those years, in some shape or form, appear on my table and in all my images, paintings and products…it’s a process, like life itself I suppose, so I want to be able to help people start their own practice of ‘doing’ .

It’s a new project for me and I feel genuinely excited about sharing my work and exploring areas I love with other interested and inquisitive minds.You don’t have to have to be an artist or even someone who’s always been naturally creative to do this course…it’s a course to help anyone, artistic or not, to reconnect to the excitement of creativity, look at things with new eyes, see new colours, and inspire confidence and clarity to your own personal projects.

( If you feel you would prefer a one to one version of the course I’m also happy to discuss that option via email ).

Please email me at ( or use the form below ) if you would like to book a place as I will then send you an Earlybird discount code which lasts until September 1st and you can also see the course trailer on Youtube here.

Looking forward to meeting you!