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Photo 04-01-2017, 11 07 00ONLINE COURSES

 ‘Consciously Creative ’ is a 6 week online creative course which will run between 11th September  16th October 2017 and which will lead you to discover more about looking, seeing, colours, texture, atmosphere and connecting all your senses as well as equipping you with a feeling of your own personal, ongoing creative journey…one which isn’t just about social media, but one which is about creating more of a daily practice and encouraging you to feel the importance of experimenting and process rather than just focusing on clickable content.

I’ve been self employed for over 20 years and have been working as a creative artist for over 17 of them…many of those years really didn’t feel very fruitful at all, but all of those years, in some shape or form, appear on my table and in all my images, paintings and products…it’s a process, like life itself I suppose, so I want to be able to help people start their own practice of ‘doing’ .

It will be a very personal course where I’ll demonstrate and chat Live on our private Instagram account each week as well as answer questions, set and assess homework, create weekly inspirational Pinterest boards, have a group Facebook page ( although you’ll be able to post and comment on our Instagram account too ) and also remain flexible and open to inspirations which may crop up during the 6 weeks. Because I want it to be as personal as possible, the course numbers will be limited to that of a class size and the 6 weeks will cost £300 per student. ( If you feel you would prefer a one to one version of the course I’m also happy to discuss that option via email ).

I’m planning to have the course ready to launch in the first week of September so if you already know you’d like to be included on the course or want to be notified just prior to the launch date please send me an e-mail via the form below.

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