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I’m currently running a bespoke 6 week creative online mentoring course covering texture, colour, composition and atmosphere. 

The course has 6x 1 hour Skype sessions with me each week, detailed homework and appraisal, downloadable lesson outlines and a private Pinterest board and Instagram account for relevent inspiration and the homework.

Please drop me an e-mail at if you are interested in this sort of course.

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You can book your place online here




ikebana Workshop 2016
I started running some small workshops last year…helping people find, or at least investigate their own personal artistic voice within the context of still life photography using plants and flowers; pushing their boundaries, acknowledging specific inspirations and letting that help people move forward and experiment artistically.

March Workshop 2016

Although there is a degree of ‘styling’ involved in my photographs, I approach every piece more as an artistic composition; a type of visual poetry without the styling concepts restricting me in any way…that way the whole process becomes of artistic and creative benefit, and not just about the end product.

Being an artist is about engaging your mind through emotion whilst adding your interpretations, and being a synaesthete I always work from a very sensory perspective too, and I like to get people to try and connect with the inner abstract part of their mind which is how I work on my paintings. This year I have also decided to run a few painting workshops too; getting people to explore their own visual vocabulary by connecting to the senses and exploring the synaesthete which may have always been inside, and will release some dates later in the year.

So I suppose these workshops aren’t about how to create photographs that look just like mine, or paintings like mine, as that will only hide your own specific artistic voice, but they will be about discovering new ways to express yourself artistically…and I will help you with composition, colour, light, texture combinations and general experimentation.

There will be lots of art materials, beautiful flowers to use in any way you want, as well as vintage bits and pieces, lots of tea and lunch…

I always like to make things feel fun and easy with absolutely no pressure…it has to be enjoyable as that’s when we forget we’re learning something new!

Later in the year I will hopefully be releasing some dates for a couple of retreat workshops during the Autumn, so please keep an eye on the blog and instagram for more details, or e-mail me to be put on the mailing list.

I am also available for private workshops and one to ones.

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